Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reduce Our Footprint, Control Our Ex-Natures, Think Out of the Human Box....

Reduce the Human Footprint

The impact of our technology and economics on Nature is killing Nature. We are today beyond the pale. The footprint of humanity on Nature is far, far too big.

Control Our Ex-Nature Behaviors
Humans have behaviors that separate us from Nature; these are Ex-Nature drives. These include our culture, economics, science, art, entertainment, values, the need to escape suffering, the need for long life and immortality and much more. We tend to get lost in our self-made world with all of its demands, seductions, distractions, necessities, competitions and struggles.

Think Out of the Human Cultural Box
This requires thinking out of the biggest box of all, the box of Human needs and desires. We must learn to break from of these commands, to let them go; in this way we can see something highly important that exists outside the box. And this is Nature. Nature exists beyond of the Human Box. While we are in it, we cannot see animals, plants, or ecosystems; we are distracted and deluded.

Find the New Balance Point with Nature
Thousands of years ago in tribal society we had a balance point with Nature. Since then we have lost it, today we far out of equilibrium. Our task is to find the new balance point with Nature. This means a reduction of harmful activities, population control, retreating to cities and so much more.

The Ecosystem’s Survival is Our Survival
Know that Ex-Nature behaviors are all rooted in Nature; this is our root, our foundation, our Ground. In the end, we are a child of Nature and we are connected to Nature though we are living in a megacities and virtual electronic cities. We are the child of Nature though we are quite different from it, and our survival is completely dependent upon Nature’s survival. If Nature dies, Ex-Nature dies, if Nature thrives, then Ex-Nature can thrive.

We Are A Guest In Nature’s Home
There is an incorrect view of our Home. Know that we Need Nature, but that Nature does not Need us. If we destroy the Ecosystem, Nature can create another one that might be inhospitable to Humans. The right perspective is that we are a Guest in Nature’s Home; we should act accordingly being respectful and helpful.

We Can Establish Co-Genio
Genio means creativity. Co-Genio means the parallel creativities of Nature and Human. These two creativities can coexist; we can produce a harmony between ourselves and the environment. Nature can continue its evolution and we can continue ours.

Establish the New Forbiddens
We are at a stage of moral judgment. We are at a phase where a new codex must be written. A new moral and ethical period appears when we agree upon New Forbiddens. The attack upon Nature is certainly the first New Forbidden, for without honoring this precept no other commandments are relevant or possible.

Use Communication and Force
There must be a thorough communication amongst the Human species about the new attitudes toward Nature. But, ultimately, we must go beyond communication to the use of Law and Force. This is because of the high crisis stage we have created by our ignorance, apathy and greed. And more, when we Enforce the law in the harshest way, then this communicates to all potential and future transgressors that punishment will be catastrophic and swift. The survival of the Ecosystem is our survival, when we are dealing with survival issues the penalties must be severe, for we are dealing with the collective future of ALL people, we cannot be overly concerned with the “rights” of the criminals.

Cage Innoye
Axxiad News 

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