Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5 Features of Social Creativity

 Social change and the creative process are closely linked notions, merging these two ideas we arrive at “Social Creativity” – social change as a creative process.

Here are 5 features of Social Creativity: 

Social Creativity utilizes the creative behavior of artists, inventors and discoverers
The exact same techniques used by creative people apply to social change, reform and revolution, they are no different. On one scale we may create theories, devices and works of art; on another scale we create entire institutions and new cultural systems. It is all creativity. 

Social Creativity produces a myriad of social techniques
These would include methods of group creativity, types of leadership, teaching creativity, the creation of a Geniotariat, the reform of institutions to promote creativity, and more. Also this would include concepts applied to organization, communication, strategy and method which aim for social change and social betterment. 

Social Creativity produces a set of principles for the activist
Creativity requires a mindset and attitude of many elements. These would include many behaviors such as flexibility, diversity, experiment, multiple solutions, schools of thought, the practical, transitions, chaos, competition, social individuality and more. 

Social Creativity works for a programme
Personal creativity works best in an atmosphere of democracy, diversity and directness. Social Creativity also requires these attitudes and it transforms these ideas into a social programme with new ideas for social institutions.
Social Creativity leads to the creation of History
Creativity is a fundamental force in Nature , in Human Beings and within Human society.  Human creativity is self conscious and learned, when applied to Society it produces a guided social change.  Social creativity produces History, it frees us of dogma and repetition, and it provides us alternatives and variety, it gives us freedom, energy, change, power and revolution.

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