Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Ebooks by Cage Innoye

New Book:

Social Creativity and Revolution

177 pages, PDF. A new book about social creativity, activism, reform, revolution and dual power. It sketches out the general outlines of a new thesis for activists to replace obsolete paradigms. Social creativity merges social change with creative theory and diverse thinking. Book is inspired by the 
revolutions taking place in North Africa and the Mideast.

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On Diverse Philosophy 226 pages, PDF 
Version 2 now available. Key articles gathered together.

Articles are about diversity, individuality, creativity and diverse wholes. Topics include economics, history, theology, psychology, education, individuality etc. Also includes summary articles of key ideas in this philosophy to simplify things. 

A Glossary of Creativity, 290 PAGES, PDF
Expanded Version Three now availableOver 300 entries on topics related to creativity, very original. Entries include creative technique, emotional issues, mental management, creative and rational minds together, cultural issues etc. Included in the Appendix is the Creative Technique Series.

Creative Technique Series, 10 articles in an ongoing series on creative method. This collection is to be found in the Appendix of the Glossary of Creativity

Quick Glossary of New Terms and Concepts, 30 PAGES PDF 
Many new words and phrases coined in the development of the philosophy.

For a New Economics, 61 p., version two
19 articles on a new kind of economy, a "metric market economy", and articles on ending the recession

Think Out of the Human Box, Think of Nature52 p. Series of articles prompted by the BP Oil Spill.

The Axxiad, 362 PAGES, PDF, The seminal, first stage work on diverse philosophy that has in-depth discussions on topics from emotions to identity to individuality, economics, creativity and much more. In broad strokes the book sketches out a framework on many issues and lays the basis for later developments

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