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Here is the beginning of a list of creative techniques, please follow the link at the end to finish the article. 

The sphere mind revels in absurdity, taking something to its bizarre logical conclusion, juxtaposing absurd elements and so on. In absurdity is new material for its inventory of creative stock. Absurdity can be funny, surreal or sarcastic. Absurdity takes something out to its extreme and thus yields new knowledge.

The thread mind resents absurdity, it does not want the sphere mind pointing out that its well thought-out logical chains of deduction have become amusing and entertaining. One cannot overstress the need to teach the mindset of absurdity and humor. And connected to that is chaos and irreverence. Reversing and inverting are also techniques related to absurdity.

Alertness, Openness and Flexibility
Mindsets and attitudes that go along with randomness include openness, alertness and flexibility. Openness is the breaking down of walls between you and a random event so that you may see it and assess it. Alertness is the ability to identify a possible good idea. Openness is the precondition for being in contact with new data; alertness is the skill of finding the significant piece of data for your creative project. Flexibility is also a method of recognizing a good idea. If we are flexible, we can be bent into any shape. We will try anything within reason.

Chaos and creativity
Let go the chaos within you, there is a lot of creativity within it. Let it all come out. Judge it, correct it, sort it later. You benefit in two ways, first, the act of letting go is freedom itself, let yourself be free. Second, you will unleash a storm of creative products and build up an inventory. Also a bit of chaos around you is good too for this exposes you to more ideas and experiences, when you live in a well ordered world the amount of information that you are exposed to is limited. And chaos is an important social creativity method that promotes maximum individual initiative, innovation and competition.

The sphere mind collects and “eclects”, it is a collector and not an organizer or systematizer. The sphere mind builds up a warehouse of parts for as yet unknown wholes. The thread mind is selective from the beginning; it tosses out things that do not fit into its immediate plans or mind set. Collecting is a distraction. The thread mind creates trash, the sphere mind saves everything. Collect everything: ideas, facts, experiences, emotions, opinions. And collect up a huge inventory of creative elements. Don’t throw anything away, you will surprised years later what jewel you may find in something long forgotten and rejected as obsolete.

Combination and Synthesis
Put two things together that yields a third thing; put many elements together and forge a new whole or system. Combination is a very powerful tool of creativity, one the most important.

Communication and creativity
Communication is a matter of getting information, the more communication you have the more ideas you have exposure too, this enlarges your inventory of elements and tools.

Confusion, good and bad forms
There is good confusion and bad confusion. Good confusion is being in the Subsume where all things are mixed up; this is a good place to be creative and radical. Bad confusion is not productive; it takes you nowhere. This is more of a psychological point than a creative method.

Creative density and multiple projects
The term, “creative density”, refers to the intensity of your creativity. A developed Genio will want high creative density to keep her or his system producing, and without high density many of us fall into an anxiety caused by lack of employment. But there are differing types of creative density to consider. A writer employs a line by line density where each sentence is creative. An inventor is equally active but her or his density is not line by line, there are periods of data gathering, testing, gestating etc. A scientific researcher will not have line by line creativity, they cannot have breakthroughs line by line, though the work and effort they put in can be the same or more than a writer.

So there are differing forms of creative density --- line by line or one big leap. Hopefully, the writer is also looking for a big leap in his or her content. And hopefully, the other Genio is learning line by line techniques to make his or her creativity more improvisational and continuous.


Cage Innoye

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