Monday, May 2, 2011

Create the Future

There are no laws of history, all is an act of creation, the future is art, nothing more. Nothing comes inevitably or is determined before hand by science. Fellini said that the visionary is the only realist. Why? Human reality is imagined and then made by inventive people. All reality is invented. And all reality is particular to certain individuals and cultures. Don’t let those who worship laws, logic and “science” stop you from creating the future. Science cannot predict the future, it may be able to predict certain technologies but it cannot tell how these will be applied, what kind of social systems we will have, the dynamics of globalism, new personal philosophies and moral codexes, lifestyles and so on.

“History” is merely the future in biographical form, history is made by people. Individuals make unique contributions, provide new ideas and practices, this individuality and particularity cannot be predicted. History is largely biography, it cannot be predicted.

What is the future? Is it predictable? Is history our model? A clear mind says that the future is art, all things are possible. The future is not fixed; it is unique; it is our work. The future leaps from evolution. A creative mind says that you should not study so much history. Conventional historians say that if you study history, you will not repeat its mistakes, but the creative one believes that if you study history too much, you run the danger of actually repeating the mistakes of history. Why? Because history is a model, too much examination of history will imprint you with the old models, and then with these old models in your head you will indeed repeat the errors of history.

Where are the models for truly democratic government, Diverse economies, modern media systems, and teaching creativity? Where are the models for the use of new technologies? They do not exist because these things have never been achieved before. History will not help us. History, the past, is a carnival of errors; this is why it created so much suffering. If you want to create a civilization that actually IS a “civilization”, a society that actually eliminates suffering, then you must think in new and creative terms. You must resist history. The wise will have no memory of the past, and the foolish will have only consciousness of the rote.

We are in a new age that makes their history obsolete; in this new eon we must create everything anew, because everything was so wrong in the past. History is art, and we must create the future. We must resist past history, and we must leap from its evolution, and then we can develop new methods and strategies and ethics and concepts and goals. We cannot rely on the past; we must rely only on our own Genio. Who has created a society of creativity before? Is there a model? No, of course, there is not. The past cannot help us. Only our creativity can. Imagination will conquer memory. Be a “futurist” and reject the “historian”, build the future and stop slipping into the past.

Further, good people are building a new culture of government, economics, self growth, ethics, media and more, they are remaking all of civilization. But they have no idea where it is going! No one does. The only thing they know is they will apply the methods of creativity, evolution, diversity, individuality, cooperation, curiosity, innovation. They are only aware of the means, the ends are unknown, but then again it does not matter, the means are enough, and they are the ends — diverse thinking, Genio and creating a new home for the Human race.

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