Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Generation Without a Paradigm

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photo by Mariam Soliman, Cairo, Egypt

Young people today are in a very unique historical situation, thus making them a very unique generation. A few things might be said about this new wave of Humanity.

A Generation That Has No Worldview
The ideologies of the extremes are now gone. On the one side, greed, selfishness, materialism, on the other side, group think and statism, both sets of behaviors have failed. We have a new generation that will live in a world and a future without these paradigms.

A Generation That Is Absolutely Free
Without the restrictions, models and dogmas of these systems, a generation is liberated. Free to think, create and experiment with completely new ideas. In fact, freedom is the general condition of this generation, and choice is the perpetual state of this generation.

Before This Generation Is An Empty Space To Create Anything
Emptiness is the first joy of an artist or creative person -- the empty page, the empty stage, the empty canvass. Now, history is empty, its stage is blank. What will be built on this stage? All things are possible. The young will become artists of the future.

To Fill The Empty Space This Generation Might Have To Question Everything
One will have to scrutinize, rebel, interrogate and doubt all things. Nothing can be accepted anymore. Everything must be justified, and if not, abandoned.

For This Generation To Fulfill Its Goals It Might Have To Seek Power
It will need power, both personal and collective. Power is a prerequisite of transformation. And it is not freely given, it is self created and self declared. Living but dead systems will not give power to those with new ideas.

Such A Generation Might Create Its Own Identity
With both paradigms gone a new cultural identity will have to be created. Social identity is a process just like that of personal identity; there will be many stages of its evolution.

Such A Generation Might Send History In A Radical New Direction
The old directions are dead. There is only the choice today of new directions or no direction. But stagnation or chaos are not appealing. So a young generation will strike out on new paths unknown before. History will not be a model; the future models itself upon itself.

Such A Generation Might Create A New Kind Of Paradigm
What would it be like? A paradigm that puts an end to paradigms, or perhaps a better way to say it: A “paradigm of paradigms” may be coming. A thought system that is flexible, rich, diverse, evolutionary and creative.

A Generation Without A Paradigm Is A Very Lucky Generation
The loss of paradigms is not something to grieve about but something to rejoice over. It is not the end of the world but the beginning of a new one. All alternatives have failed. When was the last time this has happened? This generation is a very fortunate generation. It will have the joy, adventure, excitement and satisfaction of creating a much better world.

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