Sunday, May 15, 2011

Militarism in a one world economy is not very smart

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In a world that shares one global economic system, there is no reason for war.

War between nations would undermine business activity, investment returns, trade and the taking of profits. So it would make no rational sense.

We have one shared economic system, we live in one shared universe, and no longer can we practice the old ways of militarism and battle.

You may argue that war may take the form of economic competition now, but war in the old form of death and destruction is now stupid.

This is the rising principle or rule of the 21st century. War between the US and Russia or China are nonsensical ideas today. All of these nations are intertwined and depend on each other for profit. They buy each other’s products  and invest in each other and buy each other’s bonds.

Wars will continue but major wars as we saw in the 20th century are a thing of the past, for in those times we have competing economic systems between colonial empires or the conflict between the communist and capitalist economic systems.

No such condition exists today. All share one economic system, and play by its rules of market competition. Economic conflict between nations will be dealt with in economic and political ways.

Another reason for the elimination of militarism is this: Military spending reduces economic growth, it does not increase it.

Military spending provides a boost to military contractors obviously. But the problem with military goods is that they are unproductive or more precisely they are not “reproductive”.

When a company makes a computer or some software, this leads to a company or individual buying them to be more productive, for a business to grow.

When society makes a cruise missile, it is a dead end product. You cannot use a cruise missile to build up business, it is not a tool. It is material and labor that is dead end. It does not reproduce, it does not cause the economy to grow, its subtracts from business expansion. It  sits in a warehouse or is used in combat, but has no positive economic purpose.

Reproductive production includes energy, motors, hardware, software, vehicles, building materials, education and much more. All of these things help an economy progress.

Any nation that focuses on military production in this epoch will shrink their business potential, and thus lose in global competition. Spending 5 to 10 percent of a yearly GDP or even more on war manufacture will severely reduce the financial horizons for a nation.

The rules for the 21st century are far different than the 20th century, how long will it take the major powers to get this?

Militarism in the 21st century is imbecilic. Defense contractors and arms dealers obviously have a direct interest but they cannot be allowed to control a nation’s destiny.

The nation that practices war will be the loser.  And the nation that grasps the new economic paradigm will succeed.

And the benefit for all of us is that we will live in a world of peace and no harm to Human beings.

 Cage Innoye

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