Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Think Out of Both Boxes of History


Creativity is about thinking out of boxes.

But sometimes a problem occurs when we get out of one box, we end up in another box.

This is often because boxes come in sets of two, that is, extreme and one-sided thinking comes in dualities, one absolute vs. the other absolute.

When you jump out of the box of super-individuality and selfishness, you might end up in a new box of group think. If you leap from the box of deregulated capitalism, you may find yourself in a variety of statism where the state controls an economy. And there are more double boxes too.

So when thinking out of the box, we need to THINK OUT OF BOTH BOXES OF HISTORY.

Another way to say this is think out of the box of extremism and think in terms of balance, duality and a whole.


Cage Innoye

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