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14 Personal Axioms of Diverse Thinking

Version 2 

This is a short list of principles or axioms of Diverse Philosophy applied to personal behavior. This begins with a discussion of the cosmos, the external world to establish some basic concepts, and then we take these ideas and enter into the realm of culture and psychology:

We live in a “Diverse” and not a “Universe”.

A “Diverse” is a cosmos filled with difference and variety which is in constant change and evolution. Galaxies, solar systems, living things, Human cultures, individuals, multiple perception and our complex brains are all expressions of this grand diversity.

A “Universe” is a phenomenon that is united by similarity and commonality; in a Universe all is the same and thus subject to strict control. For some time we have believed in a Universe, and this misperception has led to an aversion toward diversity, individuality and creativity, and to the formation of authoritarian systems of thought, social organization and global relationships.

It should be clear at the beginning of the 21st century that the world, nations, Human beings and the entire cosmos is not a Universe at all, in fact, this has been the philosophical problem to begin with. When we grasp that reality is dominated by difference and change, then we can greatly reduce the suffering in our lives. Here are some themes of a Diverse:

Differentiation and Individuality
A very important concept about the Diverse is “differentiation” which means the generation of difference. Difference in the Diverse would include, for example, individuality. Change, the new and evolution are types of difference that take place over time. Complexity is the expression of differences within a whole or system. A general list of types of differentiation might include: detail, parts, individuality, change, complexity, particularity, conflict, duality, the new, evolution, chaos, splitting, the creative, inner and outer, variety, range, simultaneity, non-hierarchy, the indeterminate, the vague, the inefficient, the wandering, the unstable, the flexible, the non-uniform, the independent and so much more.

For Human beings diversity, individuality and creativity are highly important themes of differentiation. Another way to say this is ‘Freedom”. Diverse Philosophy is a thesis of Liberation.

Undifferentiation and Wholes
Opposed to differentiation is “undifferentiation” which means the limitation of difference or opposition to difference. Undifferentiation is the opposite of differentiation. For each force of differentiation there is a force of undifferentiation, for example, opposed to change is the not changing or static, opposed to the new is the old, opposed to individuality is sociality, opposed to free action are social rules and obligations, opposed to the creative is the repetition of past models, and so on. Undifferentiation takes many forms from similarity to imitation, stasis, unity, organization, hierarchy, deductive thought etc. Undifferentiation is essential otherwise we would not have organisms, organization or logical thought or theoretical systems or education or community institutions or government or economies or any unifying structures.

Differentiation is a primary force but undifferentiation is necessary also, the trick for Human beings is to find the right mix of the two for each problem to solve.

An essential feature of undifferentiation is the coordinating of diverse wholes. Once we have generated diversity, individuality and creativity, we must unite the many parts or people into a whole. Otherwise we will create cultures of alienation, egotism, conflict, chaos and exploitation.

If we have a situation where there is too much undifferentiation in the form of group think and statism and dogma, then we must focus on generating differentiation.

There is no fixed idea about whether the main issue is that of generation differentiation or forging a whole, this thesis is practical and proceeds from conditions and not prejudgment. There are two paths, one is of differentiation, and the other is differentiation, they are both necessary.

The result of the forces of differentiation and undifferentiation is the creation of a Diverse Whole. This is our ultimate goal -- ourselves as a Diverse Whole, society as a Diverse Whole, the planet as a Diverse Whole.

Multiple Perception and Multiple Everything
Multiple perception is another highly important concept in Diverse thought. There are different points of view per individual in society. Within a single complex Human mind are also competing perceptions and behaviors. There are different cultural perspectives in a society and different perspectives of entire epochs. There is no singular or general point of view for Human beings. Further, there are multiple goals, multiple strategies, multiple behaviors, multiple causes, multi-culturalism, the multi-centered, multiple values and multiple powers.

As for culture, the best we can do is find a few overarching themes of unity between us, so that we can be a functioning whole, yet a very diverse one at that. If we demand too many points of agreement we undermine diversity and the multicultural.

Most problems, personal, social or scientific happen because of a multiplicity of causes so it is best to find them all or we will not be able to solve problems. Individuals and cultures have multiple values, when we reduce life to one mono-value like money for example we suppress all other values. And because of this problem we seek multiple powers in a culture to represent this variety of values. When we develop a strategy to solve a complex problem we may be using quite different tactics for each aspect of the problem because we know that the same approach does not work in all cases. In organization we should be looking for new strategies of many centers rather than the old idea of a fixed authoritarian headquarters.

In the living of ordinary life, we find that it is very complex owing to many goals, values, necessities, perceptions and stages of development. New thinking and techniques are needed to survive in our modern age.

Multiple perception leads to multiple thinking, that is, Range thinking which is thinking in terms of ranges of solutions for problems, multiple solutions for problems. Range thinking emphasizes openness, flexibility and transitional thinking.

The idea of multiple perception goes so far as to hold that there can be no singular view on the Diverse. The Human view on the whole Diverse yields many, many perspectives. Even when we try to lay out the general principle of our Diverse, we will have disagreements because the Diverse is so big and manifold that it allows many interpretations. Thus, Humans find some vague and general points of unity, and develop their particular schools of thought and conduct research and argumentation endlessly.

The multiple viewpoint leads to a path of solutions and success. It supports and expands the diversity of the world. It is way that is responsible and leads to no harm. This method develops knowledge and skills which help us handle the variety and the complexity of the life.

Many Minds, Many Emotions
In the diverse mind of a Human being are many things. When we refuse to accept and learn about and manage our manifold brains, then we suffer from many things. There are many minds for us to coordinate: the logical, imaginative, emotional, subconscious, mind of doing, subsume mind and the mind of wisdom. Also, we construct centers that deal with our identity, the spirit and moral behavior. Further, we must learn to manage our world of many emotions, learn their natures and laws. Psychologically and emotionally we are a Diverse Whole created by Mother Nature to function, survive and flourish.

As Humans we live in a realm where the real and illusion, the tangible and intangible are one. We live in a realm of myth and story. We live in a realm of Spirit. We require ritual and rebinding. All these things must also be cherished and developed; they are essential parts of our mental Diverse too.

Golden Rule
Multiple perception and individuality lead to an interesting problem. The Diverse promotes individuality because it loves multiplicity and difference. However each person may become self absorbed and not appreciate multiple perceptions and needs in society, that is, the views and needs of others. Thus, ethics arises. The Diverse Golden Rule arises, to treat others as you would have them treat you, and to try to understand their views, and break from your narrow singular perception into a multiple perception of all society, all Humanity. We must understand in a social Diverse, the part (the person) carries within it the perception of the whole (society and other Humans). A person thus has a dual mindset of self and others. The Diverse makes the personal primary but demands that this not be absolute or extreme. So in the beginning, the multiple perception of the Diverse produces many different individual views, in a later stage the individual views must leap out of themselves into multiple perception.

This whole multiple perception problem leads to a discussion of individuality and sociality. They are not in contradiction to each other, they aid each other.

And when finally we grasp that one cannot represent the whole, but at the same time one must represent the whole, then we will understand the essence of Diverse ethics. The stress on the individual, on freedom, on the parts, on diversity and so on can leave us disconnected if we are not careful. We are both responsible for ourselves but also to maintain a world where good things exist for others too. We are thus condemned to a split consciousness where we are a part that must see beyond the narrow confines of a part to see the vast whole.

There must come a reversal of consciousness and in this reversal is the essence of all ethical evolution. The whole is the ideal in our minds, an ethereal template that we use to arrange the world. Without this lofty abstraction in the head of an individual no civilized community, society or culture can be created. When the individual grasps that she or he is not just an individual and that she or he is part of a whole, and must act for that whole, then we have journeyed to the most profound irony of the Human Diverse.

Diverse Love
Lakape is diversity applied to love, the love of the different. This is the Diverse philosophy contribution to the list of forms of love. The Diverse mind loves difference and thus loves the Diverse. The anti-diverse do not like difference and do not love the different and hate the Diverse. Lakape unites the Human whole as one.

True, we have in our world the love of the similar, love of the same. But this love in itself has not brought us a better world. Look around you. We can idealize this love and take it to the level of “brotherly love”, a love for all mankind, but this logical trick though better still does not deal with differences, it does not explore and appreciate differences. When we love differences, when we crave diversity, when we assimilate variety, then we have come to a new level. Then we can unite Humanity and find harmony within it because we accept the basic fact of Human beings: They are all different. When we do not accept or ignore difference we cannot make a new world.

Evolution can be said to be creative, Genio is the idea of creativity. Differentiation by definition generates creativity, otherwise individuality, evolution and so on could not occur. Creativity and diversity are twin ideas coming from the same parent.

Genio is a primary force in the cosmos and in Humans. Genio gives us all Genius.

The sphere mind (creative mind) is the expression of our Genio power of imagination and creativity. Our thread mind is the logical, rational mind that represents the side of us that requires undifferentiation: reason, systemization, use of models, education methods etc. The sphere mind and the thread mind work together to produce creative projects. The sphere mind initiates and the thread mind finishes.

Creativity is an enormous realm of Diverse thinking. It grows into a vast discipline of its own.

Self Creativity
Perhaps, the most important form of Genio is Self Genio, the re-creation of ourselves! We want more than just being creative, we want to improve ourselves, fix ourselves, even transcend ourselves. The spirit and techniques of creativity can help us break through limitations in our psyche. Working with methods of psychology, creativity is a powerful force of self change.

Self Identity
Achievement of self identity is a creative process that harmonizes a vast array of personality elements into a singular definition of your self. This is a primary task of a Human life. The two fundamental features of the cosmos, Genio and diversity, drive personality development. Also, your identity is about your uniqueness, at the same time, it is represents a whole that is you, this whole is vast set of traits and behaviors that is completely distinct.

We must also develop a story of who we are, create a mythology of our personality and fate. This myth records and organizes our identity. It becomes our guide and is changed now and then as we encounter realizations and new situations.

Life without having achieved a basic sense of self identity is a tragedy. But life where we have come to know who we are and what we must do provides the greatest of joys and certainty.

The Self-Conscious Diverse
What primary relation do Human beings have to the Diverse? We are the Self Conscious Diverse, we are the self aware Diverse. The natural Diverse or the cosmos is not self aware, it does not have consciousness, its behavior is in a more profound category beyond our understanding.

Further, we must strive to be like the Diverse, we have a tendency to make the Diverse like us, giving it Human qualities while it, in fact, is something completely transcendent. But by observing the Diverse we can understand and manage ourselves by thinking in terms of differentiation, creativity, change, individuality and evolution. There are many models and lessons that Humans can take from Nature and the Cosmos that apply directly to our condition. And there are others that give us hints as to how we should behave spiritually and morally.

When we try to clothe the outer world in Human terms we tend to not see the essential forces, laws and truths operating. We should separate Object from Subject, and then figure out how the axioms of the Object might be used in the peculiar circumstances of the Subject which is driven by emotions, morality and spirit.

There are two spirits. One is the spirit of the Nature and the Cosmos, its laws and forces and personality. The second spirit is within a person formed by the very same dynamics within our bodies and psyches. This spirit drives us forward and pushes us to grow and transcend ourselves, just as it does in Nature. And this spiritual eventually takes us to the “spiritual” itself to the higher issues of existence, meaning and purpose.

We are the self aware Diverse, we have consciousness and imagination. It is our fate to begin in ignorance and then build up knowledge of our world. This means learning about the axioms of Nature and the Cosmos, and developing thought methods that reflect the way the external world behaves – analytic techniques that stress differentiation, change, evolution, wholes, systems, duality, disorder and more.

Also this self awareness leads to an awareness of our own psyche, and how in its particular way we are diverse and extremely complex and dynamic. A Human being on this path develops Power, a personal power drawn from the core power of all things.

When we have achieved a certain level of self awareness then we realize that being the self aware portion of the Cosmos we have a responsibility and set of tasks to fulfill. The Diverse is more of a noun than a verb, it is a state of action, and thus we too should be action oriented.

And when we act, we have faith in what we do, because we know that the essential character of the world is differentiation and change. We rely on this fact, and our faith with patience will eventually yield positive results.

Directness and the Empiric
Directness and the Empiric are fundamental ways that we live in complex Diverse. To get to know a variety of things we must directly experience them. More, directness is absolutely necessary for control and freedom.  One must avoid middle men and saviors and “leaders” who will mediate your connections and knowledge, and then control you.

An "empiric" is one who stresses direct experience, one who engages in the empirical realm of life. The empiric is a scientist of life, one who studies it, goes into it, practices it, experiments with it, gathers emotional and perceptual data, and draws conclusions, arriving at ideas about life. The themes of directness and the empiric bring us individuality, but at the same time they help us know a whole (ourselves, life and society) and thus aid us in forming a Diverse Whole from which all people would benefit.

Diverse thought applied to communication and media gets right to the heart of the matter about diversity. Communication is the primary way that the Human Diverse connects and relates. When basic communication is hindered, then diversity is hindered and then suffering results. De-communication warps our Social Diverse; communication opens it up and lets it flourish. Communication brings learning, assimilation, persuasion; de-communication, in the end, brings force, the force of one social group against another, one anti-social individual against another. The task in this age is to unite our free communications into a whole, so that we have difference and unity as well in a new kind of media nation. The individual in this age must communicate and draw others into communication.

This may be one of the most difficult things to grasp about the Diverse. The Diverse breaks up time into parts. It throws at us an infinite succession of moments giving us the problem of managing the new moment and also staying connected to what is continuous through all moments, the continuities that ground us. These continuities are the fundamental and long term grounds of our lives – our identity, family, community, principles, goals and more.

This confusion of moments called “momentia” has several features. Some of us grasp onto moments that we try to repeat again and again. Others experience a sequence of unrelated moments, one after the other, this is usually caused by modern media. Many float in a kind of empty daze as consumerism and systems of communication deliver to us one meaningless moment after another.

We must reunite time to keep ourselves whole and sane otherwise the chaos and dizziness of moments will confuse and weaken us.

Time also puts all things into evolution and then has different rates of evolution and stages of evolution for each thing or person. Everyone and everything is on a different track of evolution. The differences cause conflict and opportunities for abuse. Children, students and less developed nations become victims of the more advanced. We must bring all these differing evolutions into harmony to keep the planet a whole and not a chaos of sectarianism and war. The juxtaposition of different stages of evolution requires love and responsibility on the part of the more advanced.

The Diverse applied to Nature produces the concept of "Co-Genio", the parallel creative evolutions of Humanity and Nature, the harmony of Human and animal. The Human "Home" is a Diverse home that includes the Human-made world of our culture, but also our natural environment, this too is our Home. This home is a whole, a Diverse Whole composed of Humanity and Nature.

And this Home reflects that Humans are both of Nature and at the same time are not of Nature, that is, of Ex-nature. There is a side to us that drives us further into culture, science, religion, technology, art and more in an eternal evolution. And more we are driven toward not only longer lives and better health, but also immortality. Our need to strive and improve is also an Ex-Nature behavior. Our abstract lives of ideas, creativity, morals, spirit and more also express this unique side to our personality.

There is nothing wrong with being “Human’ and pursuing our Ex-natures, but we must do this with proportion and wisdom. Ultimately our existence and our futures are grounded in Nature. If Nature dies so does Ex-nature, that is, us.

It is time to establish a balance with Nature, a harmony of two parallel evolutions, two creative processes, Co-Genio. And this means we must establish the new “forbiddens” in regards to the ecosystem, communicate them to all and use force to enforce them.


These fourteen points do not exhaust, by any means, features of Diverse thinking, there are many other aspects. The point here is to give us a good working list.

The Diverse is a wondrous place; it is full of incredible variety and many profound things. It is a great power. Once we understand it, we can evoke its powers within ourselves and within the social world.

There are many skills and methods to learn so we can evoke and manage this great power. And when we are in bad times, we have can faith in the Diverse because we know that it will provide changes and opportunities for us again, so that we can restart again.

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