Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For a Planet of Diversity and a Planet That Is a Whole

Here is a working list of 15 themes to improve international relations in this period of animosity and war:

Promote Global Diversity
This is the principle which runs through all other principles, it is the first principle, as well as, the last principle. We live in a Global Diverse of nations, this is not only our objective reality but it is a natural state of affairs because diversity is a fundamental force in the cosmos and in Human beings. Further, this is a desirable condition because diversity makes the world more interesting, more creative, offers more solutions to problems, powers evolution and development, and increases our base of knowledge and skills.

Understand Multiple Perception
What follows from accepting diversity is grasping that there are many points of view on any issue or value. To live in Global Diverse is to appreciate and respect these manifold standpoints and to find a FEW general themes of overall planetary unity, for that is really all that we need to get along.

Support the Multi-Centered
A diverse planet will not be one with a super-system or a one-world government or any sort of centralized, authoritarian power. It will be a varied community of many sovereign independent nations with different governments, cultures, religions. Cultural and regional associations are natural to develop in this situation. A Diverse Whole is a free whole.

Create Mutual Institutions
Any institution that becomes global must be agreed upon voluntarily. No nation or group of nations can force this upon others. Many may not want to participate, that is their right.

These institutions may be economic, may be legal. Global services such as conflict resolution, healthcare, education, emergency aid, famine relief should be provided.

World forums can provide pledges and unified agreement. Ceding judicial power on certain issues can only happen within a select circumscribed set of issues, for fundamentally nations must retain national sovereignty.

Grasp We Have One-Shared-Economy on This Planet
The cold war and the age of imperialism and colonialism is over, we now have one-shared-economic system, not competing ideological systems or competing colonial empires. Because we have one-shared-economic system there is no longer a logical basis for war only business competition.

Work for a Fair Economic System
In a world with one-shared-economic system the key is to actually share the economic system. And put an end to the monopoly of wealth controlled by rich nations. A world economy where the poor nations have a chance, where the playing field is level is what we would want. Circumstances that do not allow unfair interest rates in loans, unfair use of reserve currencies, unfair pricing of goods, unfair trade rules, unfair currency policies are what we seek.

We want a planet where hard work, intelligence, skill and creativity will be rewarded with success -- because in any normal situation this does occur, so between nations we demand this normality too.

Practice Compassion and Aid
Care and diversity go together. What can we say? Compassion is necessary for reasons of moral satisfaction and conscience for the good soul. And compassion then leads to trust and well being and harmony among nations. Compassion creates a reciprocity of love and debt and respect which leads to friendship and partnership between all.

Think of Cooperation and Joint Projects
Cooperation between big and small nations, rich and poor nations is essential to end the strife in the world and even up global economic development. Joint projects are a key way. Both nations benefit from such a bargain.

Prepare for Knowledge Trading
Poor nations do not have to reinvent the wheel, they can move straight into a more technologically advanced culture. The key is a global education system that reaches even the most remote and poor region. With global education we can give knowledge to children everyplace on the planet via computers and the internet; an advanced curriculums can be broadcast anyplace.

Then with this knowledge, poor nations can immediately use modern theory, technology, organization and methods.

Ultimately, what a modern economy does is exchange knowledge. A market place is a scene where ideas are traded in the form of products and services. We buy one sort of knowledge paying with another sort of knowledge. So knowledge and education are the keys to leap past poverty into the new age. With educated young minds great new possibilities exist for business, technology, science in the underdeveloped world.

Develop the Art of Ex-War
The art of war has dominated for thousands of years. It is based upon systems of imperialism and colonialism. It goes far back to the ancient time of Sun Tzu. But we longer live in such a world. We live in an age of one-shared-economic system where war is irrational and has nothing at all to do with business and economics.

Today we are must develop the art of ex-war, the ways and means of peace and cooperation and compassion.

Stop the War at Home
Warlike mentalities actually begin at home. The struggle against war begins in your own nation. Peoples learn the behaviors of war and practice their craft where they live. Inequality, poverty, lack of freedom, and chaos are the results of this war at home. If we can stop the war at home, then we can stop the war which spreads beyond borders across the planet.

Develop Personal Foreign Policy
Personal foreign policy is perhaps one of the best guarantees of peace and cooperation on this planet. The internet is a major way to do this. Never before in history has a tool like this been presented. With cheap air travel we can cement electronic connections into Human-to-Human, direct connections, modern tools can create long lasting relationships between nations one personal friendship at a time.

Avoid Simultry
Simultry is the act of taking advantage of individuals or groups of people that are at a lower stage of evolution though existing simultaneously. This can include rich nations over poor nations; teachers over students; leaders over followers; adults over children etc. In the case of nations, simultry holds back economic and technological development.

We want to stop simultry between nations so that they can evolve. At the same time we know that each nation is diverse and will have its own path of cultural growth. The goal is a world equality and diversity. Part of this goal is to stop rich nations from harping about poor nations and to focus on fixing their own problems. Every nation has its own problems of development that it must overcome. No nation escapes this fundamental fact of planetary life.

Eliminate “Ideology”
Ideology is a common destructive behavior in our epoch. Ideology categorizes, judges and then attacks Human beings for not fitting into some scheme of ideas. Ideology is not thought or logic at all, it is an emotional illness masquerading as reason and fact.

Ideology kills. Let us kill ideology before it kills us all.

Help Make a Joint Myth for the Planet
Finally, Earth is a planet without an overall myth. It is an orb caught up in confusion, hate and war. It is the planet without a clue careening through space with no more wisdom than a dead moon.

What the whole Human race needs is a mythology to unite itself. We need a story we can tell ourselves of who we are, what our dreams and goals are, what is right and what is wrong, what our principles and methods are, and how we fit into Nature and the Cosmos

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