Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Principles of Multiple-perception and the Multi-cultural

First Axiom
The first axiom is simply that Diversity of behavior should be allowed to reign and restriction should end.

Second Axiom
The leads to the caveat that one person or group’s free behavior should not impinge on the freedom of another person or group. Respect for all is essential. So for example one group’s freedom cannot bring inequality and suffering to a racial group or to women. Within diversity there must be consistent diversity.

Third Axiom
A third axiom is that mixed communities should try to find a minimal number of overarching or overlapping themes that can bring all people into a common identity based on some common values and traits. The more common themes that we find, the more we will impede social unity. It is best to select a few. Conservatism for example in the US tries to define an “American” in a very specific way including, politics, behaviors, lifestyle, personality traits, flag-waving and so on. Such an approach restricts the definition of an American to a small sectarian minority, because it is too demanding and simply beyond the sensibilities and experiences of other social groups. There are American values accessible to all, and there are American personality traits that many can relate to.

Fourth Axiom
A fourth axiom is the bigger the community, the closer we get to defining a community in higher terms beyond nation, that is, in concepts like Human being, moral codex, citizen of planet earth, steward of Nature etc. On one level we unite people in nations, on a higher level we are united by elevated notions that transcend the lower identities. Many people on the planet already define themselves in these terms. There are cities and regions on the planet where this framework rivals that of nationality. And this process is likely to continue as immigration and globalization progresses. One day in the future when we have a free federated planet and nations lose their meaning, then this identity will prevail.

Fifth Axiom
The fifth axiom is simply that the highest idea is diversity itself. The process of diversity leads to difference, differentiation and diverse thinking becoming the central philosophical ideas of a culture and of an individual. This thinking will grow, synthesis of ideas and values will grow. A paradigm of paradigms will appear. Diverse thinking itself will be the new paradigm, it will be a paradigm with no particular view only a method, that mixes and combines other ideas into rich, workable systems. This method will be practical, creative, and comprehensive.

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