Friday, July 29, 2011

Social Diversity and Creativity

Does a world of many ethnic cultures, religions, subcultures, nationalities, races and two genders lead to creativity? 

Yes, first because the experience with diversity creates a mindset that feels comfortable with difference. 

Second, a Diverse mind naturally finds itself engaged in creative activity because creativity is an act that makes you more diverse than before, and the products that you create result in the social world becoming more diverse. 

Thirdly, the great inventory of things that exist in a manifold world of variety become a warehouse of elements for creative production. The multicultural becomes the raw material to create a more multicultural society. 

Imagine a world with one race, one nation, one culture, one religion, one profession, one gender – do you think a citizen of this world would be as creative as someone in a world of the multicultural?

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