Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Creative Cycle of Society

Creativity or Genio is a social phenomenon.

To cultivate the Creative Individual we need a social process, what is it? We can begin at anyplace on the wheel of causation. Let us start with Social Ground. At the beginning point of “Ground”; first, we proceed from Ground to the Genio citizen, proceed from school, media, role models, family and community. The creative Ground creates you, the Genio citizen.

Then we move to Genio persona, the form of your creativity is your own, you walk in the path of general personality types, then down to your unique behaviors.

Then to Genio technique, in each persona is a set of methods, you learn through your education and experience, from the general to the specific in creative methodology.

Then from Genio to user, creativity passes from a Genio to a user of the creativity, in this way it is passed on socially, then the user uses Genio to further work the Genio product, adding more creativity, and then passing it on to, yet, another user.

Then from individual creativity to social creativity; creativity is individual, but it can be collected together in social forms, so that creativity in teams is used toward social projects and goals, requiring the specific talents of many.

Then to Self Genio, from a creative person you move to the most important creativity of all, the re-creation of self, where psychology and creative technique are one.

Then to History as Genio, from Self Genio, millions of creators turn an eye toward the creation of history, the invention of the future, to be artists of the future, for the future is not determined or predictable.

Then from our social evolution, from the creation of history and Human progress we must return to our creative Ground. Every Genio who has come from the original Ground must return to the Ground and contribute to raising a new generation of creators.

This then is the cycle of social creativity, the circle of our Genio souls, the creative cycle of our race. The cycle is of the causes and effects of imagination. The cycle itself is genesis.

The genesis of the world brought Genio to all things, genesis is within you and everyone, and it is the most sacred of Human powers. Genio is life.

Before we became aware of our inner Genio, before we became self conscious of our creativity, before we grasped that the Diverse within each of us is essentially creativity, we were just “Human beings”, merely bodies, empty vessels.

Now creativity awakens our bodies, we know who we are, we know our fate. The hollow body now has a spirit; it is the self-aware spirit of all the Diverse.

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