Saturday, August 20, 2011

Culture of positivism -- pharmaceuticals and no suffering

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The culture of positivism is here.

Its dogma is the end of pain and suffering, for these are the enemies of a good life.

And pain and suffering are remnants and artifacts of a primitive, animal age.

So we leap to the next level, and as technological and sentient beings we must.

We have come to a brave new world.

A place where there is no bravery at all, where there is no nobility, no struggle, no ideals, no obligation of any sort.

Enter the slaughterhouse of the nice.

Savor the anxiety of comfort.

Surrender to the warm insulation of the cold.

In the culture of positivism you will be plied with pharmaceuticals.

We will feel no pain.

No ups, no downs, no arcs round and round.

Float, forget, fade.

Our depression which comes from failure, hope and struggle is no more.

Because we will not strive any more.

The pain of the world around you will be gone.

Because the world will be gone.

Finally, all of our deep desires from time immemorial can be satisfied in this epoch.

Is this what our ancestors struggled for?

You ask what is a Normal of life and what is a Normal mind?

Is this not an Abnormal of this age? And how can an Abnormal society in an Abnormal age know what Normal life is?

These questions are not asked in a culture of positivism.

Because there is no Normal or Abnormal.

These are unpleasant questions, and besides didn’t you know that questions themselves cannot be formulated anymore in the culture of positivism.

Because we are free of concern itself.

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