Saturday, August 20, 2011

The first creative technique: Be Different!

Would you like to know what the first and most fundamental creative technique is?

It is to be different! Be someone who craves difference. Be someone who wants to create different things.

Be different!  Be a Differentiator! Be a Differa!

This is the Key motivation for a creative individual. Without this you cannot acquire any of the other creative techniques, because you will not have the desire, self identity or drive to do so.

If you are someone who doesn’t mind being the same as everyone else, you will have no impulse to avoid imitation and uniformity, you will have no compelling need to create -- for creativity is a quintessential form of difference, a refined form of difference, a difference that is very different, a difference that enters the realm of the unique.

Creativity is a form of difference that is self conscious, it is self aware. The creative person is striving to create something distinct, the process is deliberate and not spontaneous. The creative knows that she or he IS different, knows that the world unfortunately is mired in homogeneity. The creative person sees works that are dull and repetitive and sets her or his primary goal as the production something original. The creative individual is a driven soul.

Techniques of creativity will never be acquired if one is not keen on self difference. If you want to be creative but you slack and compromise and feel insecure because the world may not like your work, then you will not have the energy and belligerence and faith needed.

Learning creative techniques requires work and stress. Other people will cause you anguish and try to obstruct you. And further, the creative process can be a crazy dynamic of emotional ups and downs.

So how can you succeed at your creative project or life plan, if you do not grip onto your inner necessity of being different? Skills ,both mental and emotional, will not come to you automatically.

You need a force to overcome all of the negatives, to get you through all of the trials that you will encounter.

This power is the desire to be different, to be a differentiator, to be a “differa”.

The differa is driven and will put in the investment necessary to break through into an extraordinary life.

Then the creative rewards will come. But first, one must want to be different, produce difference, seek difference, think different, feel different, act different and succeed differently.

This is the first creative technique.

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