Monday, August 1, 2011

The Suppression of Your Creativity is a Suppression of Your Neurology

Your brain has within it the function of creativity. Creativity is in your physiology, it is in your DNA.

When someone prevents you from being creative they are stopping a part of your brain from working, they are forcing it to lie idle, to remain asleep and undeveloped.


This cripples you, leaves you disarmed. Mother Nature gave us all creative functions so that we could survive in our million year trek. 

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Certain social groups do not want mass creativity. Why? Because this upsets order, a chain of command, and endangers power and privilege. 


The Enlightenment in the West did not oppose creatively. Originally, it opposed the mysticism of the church. Galileo and other thinkers, scientists and artists stood for creative thought. 


But today we do not live in the Enlightenment, we live in a “Twilightenment” that has evolved into its opposite. It poses logic, reason, science, facts against innovation and imagination. The system does not even teach creativity in school because it is not considered an essential skill. 

This lack of creativity and the insistence on power and control has led to a grim world. 
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It seems that we are now in a Crisis of Creativity because we have no creativity, yet paradoxically we need more creativity than ever to solve our many out-of-control problems.

And it appears that all that leaders can offer us is not creativity but its substitute, “mis-creativity”. This “mis-creativity” is simply a “creativity” that is not creative, it is false – it is either imitative, destructive, mediocre, superficial, trivial, manipulative, stolen, shallow, exploitive, euphoric, distracting, addictive, entrancing, standard lowering, wasteful and so on. Mis-creativity is the verve and vigor of our modern consumerist age. Cadre of mis-creativity, professionals of mis-creativity, and pop priests of mis-creativity design our lives and lead us from trend to trend. 

As a result of our Crisis of Creativity, many people do not use their natural-born creative skills at all, in fact, they go an entire lifetime not knowing nor feeling the joy of creativity. And this is very sad for this is a joy available to all for it is in the neurology of each of us. Our DNA is truly democratic because Nature is fair. Nature is also wise because it must spread creativity far and wide in the race, for no one knows which person will make the key breakthroughs to push forward our evolution. This statistical randomness ensures the survival of our species.

In this sense Mother Nature gives everyone access to Genius. 

It was once thought that only geniuses were creative and their appearance was some magical mutation of inheritance, but genius is quite ubiquitous.

The world suppresses your neurology, your physiology, your mind. The world will not let you perform the brain’s natural and necessary tasks. How long can such a system last? 

Our first creative act is then to establish the system that will support, nourish and extend our imaginations and our need to innovate and invent. This would mean new schools, new cultural messages, new psychology and counseling, and new identities as artists, inventors and discoverers.
Then our neurology can be free and the artist within can flourish in us all.

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