Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Civos" – a personal act

"Civos" is the act of civilizing. Concerned and enlightened people make "Civos", that is their historical mission. We don’t need to think so much in terms of “revolution” or “reform” or “dual power”, these are 3 modes or styles of change, instead we should think in terms of “civilizing”. The important issue is whether the reform or revolution or dual power institution is civilizing, if not, it has no point.

From the personal point of view, from the point of view of an individual who is in a minority, marginalized and cut off from consensus values, Civos is the path. There are no great movements today so we are more or less acting as individuals. So it makes sense to think more in terms of “civilizing” and “civilization”.

How will a new culture grow? Bit by bit over time. It will progress institution by institution, value by value, ethic by ethic. At a certain point our ideas will dominate, because diversity, ex-suffering and Genio are the historical forces of our age. They are irresistible ideas that all people are drawn to.

When will we prevail? It is hard to say; perhaps it will happen quietly and naturally. Perhaps, there will be very radical periods. But we don't worry about the details of the specific event or events; we focus on building up the new world. Our Civos will take care of itself, the strategy and tactics will be self evident, we need no mystical signs. At some point, in some way, our new world will replace the old world.

We grow in society, in culture, in the hearts and minds of individuals. Eventually, the majority support radical new ideals, a new consensus is reached.

We do not see the change coming as “political revolution” for politics only registers the fact of our influence, it is effect not cause, though it is a component of the process.

Fundamental change can never be from the top, it must come from the people, in their daily lives. The “revolution” is thus not political at all. It comes from a restructuring of our lives that forces a restructuring of government.

Civos is a personal act. The personal is more essential than the social, the moral is more essential than the political, the spiritual is more essential than the material or immediate.

Without civilizing acts there can be no civilization. Without a civilized populace there cannot be any civilization. Politics, parties, politicians, states and governments cannot create a new civilization, only you can.

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