Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Diverse thinking has no truth (!)

One the features of Diverse thinking is the synthesis of paradigms. This is encouraged.

And if you keep mixing in more paradigms, then you will come to a realization at a certain point that there is no absolute overall “truth” -- because each paradigm has some truth to it. When you get to the precipice of this perspective you are ready to jump into Diverse thinking, because now you have jettisoned all particular paradigms, and now you are thinking in terms of many paradigms together.

This means there is no overall super-paradigm really, except for the notion of diversity – and diversity becomes the new paradigm, though it is not actually a conventional paradigm at all. It’s a philosophy of a new type. 

What then has happened? Is Diverse Philosophy without any content, is it empty?

No, not really. Diverse thinking has its core concepts and methods.

When you begin to merge different systems of ideas, you are still left with a set of axioms, viewpoints, methods and ethics.

Examples of these might include:

Multiple-perception, social diversity, individuality, the golden rule, direct democracy, the concepts of differentiation and undifferentiation, the subsume, creativity, diverse wholes, multiple minds, love of the different, identity formation, directness, the empiric, new organizational forms, multiple value economies, co-genio, time management, mutual communication and much more.

Diverse philosophy provides a framework to solve problems.

It also steps to a new level of generality and universality. We move to higher category of tools.

Individuals, groups, subcultures and nations create specific points of view. Diverse philosophy has no specific point of view – that is the responsibility of the user. The individual point of view is provided from experience, values, psychology, history.

People using Diverse thought methods will not arrive at the same systems. There will always be differences, in some cases, large differences. But even then, two entities can find a relationship because the underlying methods and concepts will be identical, there will be harmony, and even synergy.

Diverse philosophy has no fixed programme. It is a method and, at the same time, the most general and abstract of ideas.

It’s goal is to help people develop ideas, theories and systems.

it's a self help thesis to liberate the individual.

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