Thursday, September 1, 2011

The New Creative Class: the Geniotariat

What is the “Geniotariat”? They are the new class of people who are defined by creativity. Creativity makes life worth living, and Humanity is now at the stage where everyone can become creative and live full, joyful lives.

The world of the Proletariat is almost gone in the developed world, it is an obsolete class facing a new culture of affluence, knowledge and technology. In this new world are new possibilities not dreamt of before. And at the same time, we return to a very ancient need, the desire to create and the necessity of owning what we make. The new age returns us to a “directness" that we lost long ago -- direct control and direct participation in our lives.

The “Geniotariat” is posed against the “Poll-etariat”, the class that is called upon to vote or endorse this or that creation, actually, “mis-creation” provided by manipulative elites. The “poll-etariat” is a grouping robbed of creativity, robbed of its most important inner power. Its role in the present society is to produce and purchase items of mis-creativity, to fabricate products for someone else and then buy the products back.

With the advent of the Geniotariat, creativity can now be analyzed and turned into method and taught widely. What will a mass creative society look like? There is coming a society of mass creative education, a culture of creative innovation and competition, an affluent culture where machines and technology are the slaves that free billions to take on creative tasks.

In the culture of the Geniotariat, creativity lives at every level of the social order. In a Geniotariat’s life creativity is in all experiences – work, family, community, hobby, self growth, art, spiritual practice, social activism, education, childhood, adulthood and even in retirement, for there is no retirement from Genio. In this culture there is creativity, all day and all night, for creativity never sleeps. The creative personality will become the dominant personality of the future.

The Geniotariat creates its own conditions of creativity. It provides for itself – time to create without rigid schedules, environments that allow one to go inward, and support from family, friends, and colleagues as you go through the complex and sometimes negative creative process. The Geniotariat  provides life-long schools of creativity, work organized along new lines, and a culture of exposition, competition and recognition.

Genio culture begets the new Genio economy. It is Genio in two senses: first as an economy of non-stop and comprehensive creativity, and second as a metric economy whose prime measure is that of creativity. The old economy is mis-creative, it thrives on the mis-creative and the theft of creativity, its very currency is measured in units of the mis-creative.  Mis-creativity is exchanged for mis-creativity, profit increases mis-creativity. Booms reflect a surge in mis-creativity, recessions and depressions reflect a decline in mis-creativity. Stock markets finance the mis-creative process with mis-creative currencies. The true Genio economy replaces all this, the creative replaces the mis-creative and then all of economics, business and work change. And further that activity, which was called useless and non-productive because it was genuinely creative or helped support a creative culture, will now be regarded as necessary activity, and thus the Genio economy will redefine economics so that economic and non-economic, profit and non-profit will all be reevaluated.

The Geniotariat is an open class, anyone can join, all you have to do is be creative and strive for a culture of creativity. It is the class that will end all classes and replace these old social categories with Human Beings.

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