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Philosophy for a Diverse Planet

Today we have the notions of social diversity and biodiversity, and this is good. But we do not universalize these ideas and follow out the logic of diversity and its methods. And we do not apply diversity to all spheres and create diverse thinking to guide us in our understanding of Nature, society and personal living.

On Planet Earth, we certainly don’t generally practice the methods of diversity, difference and differentiation. We are too busy making war, practicing discrimination, attacking the environment, chasing money and profit and entertaining many more absorbing “necessities” and distractions.

If we had a different paradigm, a different philosophy, these things would not be as they are now.

What we have is a misunderstanding of where we live.

The fundamental premise here is we live in “Diverse”, not a “Universe”. A Diverse has a distinct nature and viewpoint. We do not live in a Universe, we live in a completely different place: a Diverse. It has completely different rules, principles and techniques. A Diverse has an emphasis on variety, difference, multiple causes, changes, individuality and much more. A Universe is a realm of singular causes, of absolutes, of control.

You are a Diverse of many, many things – a collection of various drives, needs, perceptions, emotions, intuitions, habits, conscious and non-conscious behaviors, organized and chaotic behaviors, long lists of personality traits, competing values and principles, rational and creative minds, dream minds and spiritual minds...

Human Society is too a Diverse of many, many things – billions of individuals; a multitude of nations, ethnic groups, religions and cultures. And we have institutions of economics, government, foreign policy, art, education, media, healthcare. We have many different points of view, many values.

Since individuals are Diverses and society is a Diverse, to understand ourselves we must grasp the principles of the Diverse. The entire cosmos is a Diverse – this Planet and Nature is a Diverse, Human society, you and your brain are a Diverse too. Thus, we can see a chain of differentiation beginning with the cosmos and ending with your own personal neurology and psychology.

From the origin of the cosmos comes matter that is not “mere matter”— it evolves, it creates structures, it engenders life, thought, morality and creativity. From an original “Subsume” where all things are fused, a potential develops. Difference, diversity and individuality elaborate in endless chains. Atoms and particles are not mere matter, they are “evolutionary units” that evolve many profound new phenomena.

Life and spirit do not exist outside of matter, they are inherent to matter, a natural stage of its development.

The first Subsume is the original Singularity ended by the Big Bang. And out of later Subsumes come planets and suns, life and intelligent beings, and even cultural evolution and cultural revolution arise from Subsumes of History.

The very idea of the “Diverse” is opposed to a “Universe”. The Diverse refers to difference, individuality, particularity and complexity. Change and evolution represent diversity over time.

The old notion of a “Universe” has opposite features to the Diverse; it stresses stasis, stability, organization, hierarchy, repetition, commonality, imitation and so on. People who stress “universe thinking” want “systems” of control and dogma; they do not want individuality, diversity or creativity.

A very important concept about the Diverse is “differentiation”, the generation of difference. Opposed to differentiation is “undifferentiation” meaning the limitation of difference as in “universe thinking”. Undifferentiation is essential otherwise we would not have organisms, organization, theoretical systems, education, common institutions or governments or economies.

However, differentiation is the primary force in the cosmos though undifferentiation has its place. The practical problem becomes what is the right mix of differentiation and undifferentiation, and then the changing strategy as the world evolves. This is the basic method of Diverse thinking and it results in the formation of DIVERSE WHOLES. The Diverse Whole is the ultimate goal -- a functioning aggregate alive with individuality, freedom, flexibility, creativity, change and evolution.

The principles of the Diverse are applied to many fields to flesh out the abstract rules, giving them detail and particularity. At the same time, each field or realm offers its own rules and behaviors as each is a Diverse in itself, each institution and science, each part of your brain. Cosmology, creation, origin and evolution are addressed by the Diverse idea. Many issues of theology are addressed — a notion of origin or “god”, souls, faith, power, sacred, divine. Diverse thought applies to psychology, emotions, economics, government, education, the environment, creativity, morality, life issues, communication, media and so on.

Humans are different from Nature but we can take ideas from Nature and the Cosmos to apply them in our unique. We are different in that we have a moral code, we strive for the higher, we have global compassion and empathy and more. But we can take suggestions and hints from Nature and apply these axioms and principles to our world, to our special conditions.

We can derive many concepts and methods:

Multiple-perception, social diversity, individuality, the golden rule, direct democracy, the concepts of differentiation and undifferentiation, the subsume, creativity, diverse wholes, multiple minds, love of the different, identity formation, directness, the empiric, new organizational forms, multiple value economies, co-genio, time management, mutual communication, the whole Human, whole education, multiple values and multiple institutions and much more.

Philosophically, the Diverse is a proper noun that includes all things. But we should not get confused thinking this word “Diverse” is reality itself, for the true Diverse is all things in the cosmos. The Diverse is an infinity, an evolving infinity. Though axioms can be derived for it, its ultimate nature is a mystery as to why it is and when and how it began. Our science discovers its laws infinitely, but never “why” it exists.

To think in Diverse terms is to accept the diversity of all things; man is the self-conscious Diverse recognizing this. The cosmos IS the Diverse. Humans can recognize this truth; this puts us on our unique path in the Diverse.

The Diverse stresses individuality; society is a collection of individuals. In the Diverse, the battle is between healthy and unhealthy individuality. Further, in the Diverse, one must discover her or his true identity. The sheer complexity of your personality causes difficulty, add to that you are in constant evolution, thus, finding identity is a key task for a human.

Recognition of the Diverse may create some inner conflict for some. To accept your individuality and identity and that of others creates a contradiction, a duality within you that reflects this friction in the world. But if you truly believe in a Diverse, you will appreciate, respect and defend the individuality and difference in others — because this is the way of the cosmos, and this is the best way of existence for us, collectively. “Sociality” arises, that is, concern for society and others; this does not diminish individuality but works with it and expands it.

You must think in wholes. The problem of wholes is resolved by understanding you must represent yourself and the whole (others) at the same time. You are yourself and the whole at the same time. This duality once grasped is the essential lesson for a human being.

Sometimes a major issue comes up as to whether there is a singular view of the Diverse. A wise person says “NO”, this cannot be, the Diverse is too big for one view of itself. Multiple-perception is the nature of our existence in the Diverse. We each have our own particular view, but at the same time we can see another’s view. Our unity then with others is in the generalities. Our debates will be eternal, but at the same time if we are wise, our unity will be eternal too. A “united front” of humanity marches forward.

Love of the different is a very important emotion. Other perspectives teach love for others because they are the same as you, and there is much truth in this. But the Diverse view says love them because they are different too. This way we have two forms of love and care in the cosmos.

The consequences of a Diverse are vast. A human lives a life of many needs. Our brain houses many minds we must understand and juggle. Our emotions are complex and dynamic; they must evolve into a Diverse and not be suppressed. Time in a Diverse is expressed in moments, we get confused by this, “momentia” may result. In solving complex problems we must “range think”, ranging over many solutions at once. We learn in the vast Diverse through a wandering experience. Further, we learn by directness about ourselves and the world, and not through middlemen; we must experience reality directly and not filtered by others.

Naturally, good communication is the primary mode of connection and interaction in a social Diverse. More, diversity applied to economics, government, international relations, education, organization, media, entertainment, art and so on results in very different ideas and different institutions than those that exist today. Diverse thinking changes our relationship with Nature; we are now a single species in an interconnected natural Diverse.

What separates us from the whole Diverse is that we are the self-conscious Diverse. We see the Diverse, accept it, apply it to all things, and build on it.

Also, it is best to see the Diverse as a force, an energy or power.  See the Diverse as a verb and not as a noun; this grammatical clarification will make it clear what you must do — summon the power of the Diverse within, become the self-aware verb of the cosmos, act upon Diverse.

Thus, the Diverse view is a self-help perspective, you save yourself because you have the power within; then you can help save others, teach others, mentor others and ally with others to change the world. If we use the principles of the Diverse, we can do many things, if we use principles of “universe thinking”; we get confused and enable bad behavior.

Cage Innoye

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