Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Social Programme of Creativity

From the perspective of creativity a definite view of society develops. Creativity is by its nature  bound up with difference, diversity, democracy directness and doing. Also creativity stresses the Human because creativity is one of the most Human of behaviors and creativity is unfortunately suppressed by powers that be.  Creativity accepts the need to re-create the world, it is energized by the idea, by the notion of a new front for creative work.

Five traits of the creative citizen:

The creative person seeks difference and is different.

The creative person desires a world of social diversity, because difference must be cherished and respected. The creative one sees diversity in all things and opposes attempts at singular points of view.

Creative thinking leads to democracy because this is the only way to uphold difference and diversity.

Creative individuals pursue the path of “directness” in life because this is the only way to understand and control -- we seek direct knowledge, direct participation, direct power, direct communication and direct responsibility.

Creative people are doers by definition for they produce and build, they are active, dynamic and defenders of their work.

These 5 D's lead naturally to a general kind of social programme that a creative person would stand for:

·         Social diversity, the multi-cultural and equality

·         Direct democracy by the people

·         Individual freedom

·         A healthy mental Diverse of emotions and sub-minds created by education, psychology, media and personal philosophy or spirituality

·         An economy of diverse goals, multiple values and multiple measures. And not a focus on profit, money and greed.

·         The meeting of Human needs for all Humans

·         The creation and defense of a culture with multiple values and multiple institutions of power such as education, healthcare, government and more.

·         Acceptance of a Diverse planet of many cultures, religions and races; the creation of cooperation, peace and mutual institutions by consent

·         The repair of the environment, the harmony of Human and Nature, and the love of animals

·         The creation of a media system that is fully open and democratic, that promotes dialogue, learning and synthesis of ideas.

·         The formation of new art and entertainment that teaches creativity, provides lessons for living life, aids in a search for personal identity and defends social diversity.

·         The creation of Diverse Wholes in society to bring together the diversity and complexity into a unity that is flexible and free.

·         The creation of a Human being as a Diverse Whole of emotions, mindsets, perspectives, skills and needs.

·         The creation of Healthy Individuality and ending the age of alienation, dysfunction, group think and selfishness

Cage Innoye

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