Saturday, September 24, 2011

you must be connection

aliens and angels came to meet the human race, from far away they journeyed from a shrinking spot in space, which we think is really not a place
they spoke to us in terms we did not learn, but for ones we long and yearn, they conversed to us with glee across the vacuum of infinity
in uncommon dialect, we heard of comic mathematics, stories strange and beautiful, we heard of theatrical algebraics with unusual composition, we heard of poetic heuristics, and they sang a song sublime of spaces in the time
we never heard conversations in such ingenious combinations, the listeners were quite confused by these aliens and angels who spoke the cosmic muse
they said expansion is the fate, the universe proliferates in great galactic spirals, gases growing masses, physics slipped and ripped, and orbs torn elliptic
the seasons won't repeat in this living evolution, songs won't be heard in this vacuum of elocution, no light will illuminate this final execution
no mathematical equations will bind the lonely dust, and you MUST understand, you must save existence from its last and distant instance
the universe is not a thing, nor force, nor mass, nor field, it IS simply communication, it is nothing but relation, you see expansion is its fatal flaw, and silence, disconnection will sap your waning awe
YOU must be connection, the universe will drift away, all creation dissipation without your committed participation
there's no hide nor bide for you, you must hold the parts together, you must be communication, you must be relation, you must save the universe from its fatal flaw
the aliens and angels said, it’s a story that is not perfect yet a drama that gives a purpose, they left us to our task, to bind the lonely vast
and we've never felt such joy fighting creation's alienation
we've never had such friends joining the cosmos' separation
we've never had such love mending the universe's isolation

cage innoye

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