Friday, October 21, 2011

Healthy vs Unhealthy Individuality -- about the Tea Party

The Tea Party has raised the questions in our culture about “What is healthy individuality, and what is unhealthy individuality?”

Individuality is indeed our true nature for so many reasons.

We perceive the world as individuals, each has a unique view.

We are individual personalities through genetics, environment, learning and choice.

We have lifelong explorations of our identity from stage to stage.

We make individual decisions in life on important matters, no one else can do this for us.

We create which is a highly individual act.

We feel only our own feelings, even when we feel empathy we are feeling our own emotions.

We seek personal development in many areas, career, lifestyle, knowledge etc.

We have individual moral codes that guide us and we must make difficult decisions ourselves.

We seek spiritual development for as individuals we must know how we are connected to the cosmos and all other Human beings.

We seek personal happiness, and for each person, this is a little different

And there are many other things that make us individuals.

But Individuality can be become unhealthy, it can become corrupted.

Individuality that is merely words only can arise.

This false individuality, extreme individuality, selfish individuality flows from the general state of modern culture: Alienation and Disconnection, the baseline environment of our world.

This negative individuality turns this cultural state into an ideology, a life philosophy, a paradigm of atomism, egotism and war.

Unhealthy individuality has many features:

It has no appreciation of “sociality”, which is the opposite of individuality. Sociality is the behavior of connecting and supporting society. Healthy individuality seeks a balance of sociality and individuality because it knows that benefits accrue to those that grasp the secret of this duality.

It specifically has no appreciation of “Social Ground”, which is all of those institutions that nurture individuals: from education to emotional and psychological development.

Unhealthy individuality opposes government because it is a cost and supposed power over its personal dominion.

Thus, it also is against the very concept of a whole or a system because this means an individual is part of something greater and thus has relationships and obligations.

Unhealthy individuality has no compassion or empathy for other Human beings because this would mean getting out of one’s self and expending time, money and energy on someone else.

Further this mentality is against fair play, justice and equality for anyone except themselves. So in general the demands of marginalized groups are attacked.

Unhealthy individuality avoids obligation, it owes no one anything, in fact, all are obligated to it.

It hates reciprocity, that one individual would be owing to another, that there might be an exchange of actions or ideas.

The golden rule of treating a person as you would have them treat you is beyond an unhealthy individualist, he does not understand the simple equation.

The notion of personal moral principles is alien to the unhealthy individualist, because morality is about rules for treating other people, and the highly selfish and self absorbed do not want to be restricted in their actions toward others.

To the unhealthy individualist, there is no spiritual connection of Human souls, a person is not responsible for his effects on others even if those waves go on for years and years. There is no responsibility for one’s actions.

A “planet” does not exist for an unhealthy individualist, for he is the only planet in his universe and everyone else orbits around him.

Nature, ecosystems and animals do not really exist either. they are a sort of shadowy background of unreal and forgettable entities that have no real effect on one's egotistical narrative.

And there are many more behaviors of the extreme egotist.

This individuality may at first seem to be reasonable, but it will soon disappoint because its deeds, fruit and walk are quite the opposite of healthy individuality.

Individuality is the prime mode of Human existence, it brings us our greatest problems and also our greatest joys. Our individuality flows from the diverse nature of universe, it is another form of difference and differentiation which populates the whole cosmos in an infinity of ways.

When the Tea Party and others claim they support individuality, they are trying to access the most essential of Human drives and feelings and use these for their strange ends. The packaging may be appealing but the true content is chaos and conflict.

Cage Innoye

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