Monday, November 7, 2011

Neg-Andro, Evil and Animals

Have you ever said this about another person? “You act like an animal!”

Have you ever compared someone to a “beast” or “wolf” or “hyena” or “jackal” or “worm” or “snake” or “rat” or “insect”? But an animal would not act like an “animal”, that is a distinctly Human misbehavior.

Negative Human behaviors might be collectively called “Neg-Andro”. When our race passed out of the natural world into a realm of so-called “higher” behaviors, we also developed the potential for far lower behaviors. Our species currently suffers from quite a few Neg-Andro traits. Don’t blame this on other species. Be kind to animals.

Neg-Andro, means negative Human, this is a term to refer to negative Human behavior such as evil, dysfunction, ideology, bad values, destructive systems, addiction and so on. We often make the error of saying that people have descended to the behavior of “animals”, but the fact is that animals do not act like Humans at all. The real beast lies within us, and this personality goes lower than any animal can. This is our evolutionary struggle.

In the course of Human evolution we have both ascended and descended. And the test today is whether we will finally transcend our negative Human behavior or will this behavior destroy us, the world and all of Nature?

Cage Innoye


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