Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Occupy Wall St is good example of "Directness"

When people take matters into their own hands, business-as-usual becomes a thing of the past.

When they take direct action, the ripples effect all of society as many are inspired by the act of individual freedom.

When they practice directness, they build a new base of power, a new kind of power.

Occupy Wall Street is a powerful example of “Directness”.

Your power is expressed through Directness. Directness is a highly essential relationship between a Human being and the World. This method expresses itself in two forms, one is personal and the other is in social behavior. Directness is applied to your inner realm or the outer realm of society, culture, economics and politics.

Being a disciple of directness, we would seek directness in all things: direct connection, direct participation, direct knowledge, direct control, direct responsibility, direct reciprocity, direct communication, direct evaluation and direct correction.

We have no choice in life to use the strategy of directness because each of us is a disconnected entity facing a complex and quickly changing world. Without direct relations we are either simply outside the loop and ignorant of processes and forces that may exploit us or we are relying on the goodwill of middlemen and agents and representatives and leaders to give us information, make decisions and manage the world for us.

As a singular entity facing a mobile and diverse world, your only option is to seek direct relations with all things.

We live in a world of diversity, a “Diverse”, where each of us operates as an individual. We are separate entities with distinct thoughts, perception, plans, skills and emotions. Though we are part of a society, we are manifested as individuals. To achieve our goals and represent our personal interests we require a direct connection with all things that affect us. You cannot allow middlemen to represent you or tell you what truth is, what is best for you.

Every relation is direct. Because this is the only way that you as a separate entity are going to know other entities and properly relate to them. If you do not practice directness, then middle men will stand between you and the world, and you and your true self. Only directness connects you immediately with your inner and outer Diverses.

Life is a direct experience, the world and society must be met head on. This is the primary basis of intellectual and emotional knowledge, and the only way to manage life.

Social directness by its nature leads to mass participation and popular democracy. Social directness completely changes the nature of organization and the concept of leadership.

Social directness also leads interestingly to issues of individuality and identity. When a person engages in direct activity then she or he is confronted with the issue of “who am I?” A concept of self identity is required, a self mythology must be developed or the journey would be too difficult to take. One needs a self image, a self story to drive forward, we must ask: “Why are you doing this, how do I fit in?”

Issues of individuality having to do with psyche strengths and managing ones emotions arise almost immediately. So social directness is inseparable from self knowledge and mental management.

Personal morality is also a very important theme of individual behavior. Directness requires a moral code and the development of skills in using that code properly.

And this all eventually leads to personal creativity, for you in your social directness are expressing yourself, your identity, and this is done through the distinctness of your own personal creativity.

And the sum of these creativities drives a movement ahead into new forms and directions that are quite unexpected and much more effective.

Cage Innoye

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