Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tea Party could never pull off an Occupy Wall St

The Tea Party could never have pulled off an Occupy Wall Street.


First of all, these individuals are pro Wall Street. Perhaps, at first, the Tea Party had members who were anti-Wall Street, when the formation was young and in a centrist form, today the Tea Party is securely controlled by the far right and is a willing minion of big business.

The Second reason that the Tea Party could not pull off an Occupy Wall Street is that its membership has no empathy or sympathy or love or care for other Human beings. Tea Party individuals rail with glee at the thought of cutting people off of social benefits, even if it means great suffering, and in some cases death.

The Tea Party WOULD not engineer an Occupy Wall Street because it worships Wall Street.

And the Tea Party COULD not initiate an Occupy Wall Street because it does not like Humanity.

In short, the Tea Party is sociopathic in both an economic and inter-personal mode.

This mentality does NOT create a bond with other citizens. The cold heart of the Tea Party does not find reciprocity in the hearts of the suffering. We have no resonation of empathy or pity. Those living in the pain caused by corporate America do not find the Tea Party a champion because it has no sympathy to the victim. The Tea Party does not care, and this is why few care about the Tea Party. Callousness can never succeed as a mainstream strategy.

The emotions of the Tea Party include anger and resentment and jealousy. Further the Tea Party is pioneering forms of stinginess, selfishness and miserliness. The Tea Party is certainly not a movement of generosity, charity and warmth. We are seeing the invention of a new type of Scrooge for the 21st century.

Because the Tea Party heart is so small, the movement has restricted itself to a very narrow range of actions.

Primarily this ideology is best in the form of an electoral organization. While the electoral is highly important for any movement, for the Tea Party this is all it has. While other movements have social service, charity, green, organic, reform organizations, new types of businesses and so on, the Tea Party cannot participate in these kinds of activities because it is so anti-social and negative.

It is a one trick pony…and this is a very negative pony. We only need to remember Tea Party behavior during the budget negotiations this summer, when the nation was threatened with shutdown and gridlock, in a nihilistic and destructive attempt at economic blackmail.

Also, the Tea Party, it must be pointed out, has included a severe demographic blunder in its political strategy. The Tea party hates everybody. Its enemies list consists of teachers, fireman, all government workers, retirees on social security, the poor, minorities, immigrants, environmentalists, union members and many more demographic groups. Anyone can see that this hit list adds up to more than half of the nation, a majority of the nation.

Moderate Republicans are freaking out at this strategy because they know this battle plan can never win ultimately. Any movement or party that targets more than half the nation as its enemy  is absolutely moronic. When you are ruled by sectarianism, repulsion and bigotry, you will indeed target most people, because these emotions have no bounds. Hate and revulsion have no limit, they simply progress, evolve, replicate and expand. Once it starts, it cannot stop.

And the world constantly needles and irritates the hater because it is diverse, and this vast diversity of the world causes endless pain to the poor Tea Party, moment to moment, encounter to encounter.

Since this inane strategic plan can never succeed, this leaves the Tea Party with a long-run loneliness and a severe issue with lack of love and attention.

In the short run, some people were attracted to the Tea Party thinking it was anti Wall Street and it was anti corporate. But the Tea Party was not able to target the core problem in the country: economics and big business. Instead, it spun us a confused ideology about supposed socialism, cutting government services and how this was all about individual freedom for you and for the corporations too.

Occupy Wall Street simply cut through the tangle of nonsense and addressed the simple fundamental issue of who is responsible and who should pay.

With all of this in mind it becomes quite clear why Tea Party leaders are so pro Wall Street, and so adamant about deregulation and taxes. They need corporate America because they cannot win the people. Big business provides the longstanding alternative to popular support, and that is money.

The battle is between money and masses. Certain Tea Party leaders have known this all along and have poised the movement toward the rich. They have always known that economics would not be their issue, that their song would be about the values of liberalism, and not economic manipulation and theft, which is apparently fine with them.

It is hard to say what will happen in the near future. Through confusion and the ineptitude in the Republican party, the far right may get their candidate. Accidental events may figure into this too.

And we do not know what great economic or political crisis may occur in 2012 for which Obama will receive the blame, justified or not.

It is hard to say. But we do know that even if the Tea Party has some initial success, it will inevitably fail because it stands against the interests of the vast majority of America. And it will be hurled to the margins of the political fringe where misery and company coexist.

Cage Innoye

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