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Thanksgiving, Reconnecting, and the Quietic

Thanksgiving is one of the more important of our holidays in our annual trek through the cycle of the seasons.

Thanksgiving is the one observance that truly stresses family, friends and community, it is the one ritual that focuses on reconnection and reclaiming the Human social whole. It is not corrupted with the commercialism of Christmas and is simpler, more innocent and carries a higher integrity. Thanksgiving is a holiday the gets us out of ourselves, it brings us back together with others simply for the sake of being with others.

Thanksgiving is an example of a specific type of ritual, on the that reconnects us.

On the Meaning of the Quietic
It is the natural state of a Human being to exist as an individual, as a part of a whole. But there are moments when we must reconnect and even fuse with the whole. This rebinding is called "quietic". It is a secondary state of being, but it is all important, it refreshes our perspective of the Diverse. This secondary state is more the quiet aspect of ourselves, the part that gets less attention, hence, “quietic”.

The quietic is a profound state of reunion and realization. The quietic is essentially a form of ritual. The quietic is the quieter state, contrary to our primary state, contrary to the hustle and bustle of our natural everyday existence, contrary to the expression of our natural individuality, contrary to the work of our differentiation. The quietic is a specific kind of essential Human ritual.

The quietic comes in many forms of rebinding and reunion -- reconnection of family, reconnection with Nature, unity of self identity, reconnection with Genio and creation, reconnection with the cosmos, unity of all Humankind, realization of immortality and eternity, reunion of the gender whole, unity of the community, the unity of love and partnership and more.

Atonement is a quietic ritual that unites us with our higher selves, with our ideal selves, our potential selves, our "divine" selves.

Some forms of the quietic are social, and others are personal, some can be marked by rituals, and others are more frequent practices, regimens or exercises. All are necessary states for the healthy functioning of an individual in the Diverse.

And not all forms of the quietic are quiet. There are forms of reconnection and rebinding that are quite boisterous and chaotic, things we need, though they are often left dormant in a quiet mode, unattended for long periods.

On the Power of the Quietic
Though we spend more time in the non-quietic state of existence, the quietic is a highly important state that reminds us and inspires with the opposite frame of mind. We are transported out of our daily mind set, out of ourselves or to other dormant parts of ourselves. The quietic then gives us an appreciation of unity, of our "one-ness", our participation in something larger. We become members of a true whole, we have been reconnected to it, and we are rebound.

Thus, when we return to our individual, everyday existence again, we are refreshed with a new perspective that gives us counter-balance, new tools, a reduction in alienation and egotism, a joy to the world, a joy to our whole selves, the emotion of reunion, and the feeling of security in the whole.
With the power of the quietic, we are not alone anymore in the world; we have friends and allies, resources and powers not available before. We go the world alone, we have our biases and personalities but after quietic reunion, we can be in the world more effectively, we can be ourselves more skillfully.
The quietic does not erase our particular natures, our individuality, our personal lives, views or goals at all, for this individual existence we experience is the way of the cosmos, the way of the Diverse, the way things are and will be. Do not fear the quietic it does not erase "you", it cannot, it only adds to you, it only makes your individuality richer and joyful. The quietic only takes away your lonely, and thus leaves you wholly. 

"Quietia" (kwai'-esh-ee-uh) is the state lacking quietic practice and its perspectives. We can exist as individuals with "quietia" and millions have, and in our modern age millions more certainly will, but why? Why do we have to live our lives as fragments, disconnected, "dis-connectional"? There is no reason to suffer in the desperation of separation.

Quietia leads to obsessive behavior and, at the same time, intense longing and lack of grounding.

On Types of the Quietic
We can divide the quietic practices into two types, the "sidereal" and "in-sidereal".  The "sidereal", meaning star time, are those defined quietic practices which are rituals, events, festivals, and holidays. They can be social or personal but they are date related. They could include events about planetary unity, Human brotherhood and equality, multi-culturalism, reconnection with Nature, atonement as a reconnection of the everyday self with the higher moral self, a gender reconnection of the male side to the female side or vice versa, rebinding of the family, reconnection with a mate, reconnection with the Diverse, reconnection with your Genio side, rebinding with the higher values of a national or ethnic culture, events related to a shared Human soul, rituals aimed at rekindling our commitment to higher Human goals, times to meditate and times to pledge to Self Genio, to re-create yourself and so on.

The "in-sidereal" are those practices that are not calendar related. They may be regular practices or those that come at a certain stage of development. They generally include methods much more personal in nature, tailored for yourself.

On the Exceptional Quietic
Some individuals live in the quietic more than others due to their chosen paths or to stages of life. This could be called the "exceptional quietic". A monk naturally lives in a permanent or long-term quietic state. A professional military person dedicated to the defense of her or his country lives in a kind of long-term quietic state, suppressing individuality and normal living. These kind of lifestyles though different than the norm are useful and necessary. Someone has to understand the quietic, and be a professional at it, study it and teach it, thus we have monks and philosophers. Someone must look to the overall safety of a nation and defend it, thus we have soldiers.

Entire cultures can go through whole periods of quietic behavior, when unity, collective effort and single-mindedness are the demands of the period. These periods are perhaps because of war, economic disaster, natural disaster, revolution or other conditions. Social activists appear who dedicate their lives to the social whole.

Such long-term quietic states are unusual, but history is filled with them. Often in these periods, quietic rituals and festivals are created, philosophers develop particular quietic ideas, songs are written, and myths are generated.

In the US we are in an exceptional period due to economic and political crisis, today the need to rebind with others is being felt at an intense level, acts of social reconnection are growing. And the over-focus on the self is beginning to wane.

On Too Much Quietic
Can you have too much quietic? Certainly, the average person can lose his or her individuality, life goals can be lost, creative work can decline and so on. But it is difficult to say what too much quietic is, in general, it is best given to the individual to decide.

On the Substitute Quietic
Quietic behavior is not supported in a society of alienation because it makes the individual stronger and it binds healthy individuals into a whole.
Elite forces offer a substitute for the natural impulse for quietic reunion. These are entertainment events such as concerts, sports etc. Here, there is only a shallow connection made between the spectators, "bread and circuses" was the old phrase. Shopping in our age has even become a substitute quietic, where thousands converge on malls in a ritual of commercial reunion.

The substitute quietic does not break down alienation or disconnection at all; it only provides the facade of reunion and rebinding. In the end, everyone is alone; the only reunion that takes place is between the event manager and crowd, or the “star” and the crowd. And these relationships fuel the need for more of the substitute quietic, because the substitute quietic is never fully satisfying, thus something akin to an emotional addiction to these events is created. 

The “Riotic”
The quietic orders our world, it manages our complex nature. But when we cannot practice our quietic then the ‘riotic’ may appear, the quiet is quite simply overwhelmed by a riot. The comical sounding ‘riotic’ explodes when other sides to our nature are not acknowledged. Without warning the explosion occurs. 

After the spontaneous revolt, we have optional paths. We may ignore the event as an unexplained craziness and return to the old restrictive behavior as if nothing ever happened. Naturally, the riotic returns again, but this is a kind of sleeping revolt, and the denotation of ‘crazy’ is simply a way to say we are ignorant about our own processes.

Another reaction is to ritualize the riotic break, some cultures do this as festivals or even sanctioned frenzies.  This reduces the threat to a system by the behavior, but allows an outlet for it, satisfying the ruling party more than the lower party.

The third path is to grasp the underlying basis of the riotic rebellion, and to create a method that allows it to be free, a viewpoint that accepts the secondary behavior and forges rituals and skills to express it. The third path brings the riotic insurrection to consciousness from confusion and ignorance, and from there individuals have a clear goal and plan for their mutual happiness.

Quietic and Mental Health
The quietic is an absolute necessity for good mental health, for individuals and for nations. The need to rebind with other aspects of ourselves or with other people is an essential behavior in a world like ours, where we are all essentially individuals.  The quietic reflects our complex nature, as dualities and as complex wholes with many parts. While we have biases and focuses in our everyday activity, the quietic prevents us from neglecting the other parts, the nether regions of our souls that need attention too, so that we can healthy and grounded.

Cage Innoye

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