Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Will any of these people solve our Crisis of Creativity?

Will any of these people solve our Crisis of Creativity?

The central theme of our time is Creativity. The central problem of our time is our Crisis of Creativity.

Surveying the field of presidential candidates and political leaders, do you think any of these people can solve our Crisis of Creativity.

Do you think any of them are creative? Do you think any of them can lead a movement of Social Creativity to change our cultural landscape?

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There is a great crisis of creativity in our age. Critical problems are mounting up and very little is being done. It is because we do not understand, teach or promote creativity that we are in the great mess of today. Leaders are not creative and have no clues as to learning about creativity.

We live in world of advancing complexity and evolving situations and contradictions; and there is no way a species can manage all this without being creative. The more developed a culture and society, the more developed must be its creativity. But look at our nation, its creativity is either inadequate or simply non-existent.

Further, we are in a state of economic crisis, and the demands for creative solutions are greater than ever.

“Genio” is a word for creativity. The modern nation is one whose Genio needs examination.

Our crisis of creativity appears in various ways:

Money is declared as a creative force in itself. But since October 2008, money has shown this is not true — real value, ethics, imagination, innovation and hard work are still primary behaviors that make money creative and productive. Money being creative is a mantra that no longer spells us. The dollar is no longer a unit of creativity.

We see leaders and institutions block creative solutions in a country with many problems. Difficulties get worse, the crisis of creativity worsens. There is very little creativity at the top.

Monopolies suppress innovation, and at the same time if they can steal a good idea they will try.

In some fields there are creative solutions but they are suppressed by powers that be, for example solutions in alternative energy, green, organic etc.

In many other fields there are no fundamental solutions at all to problems — for example, the economy, government, foreign policy, education, healthcare, mental healthcare, diets and nutrition, poverty, crime, drug addiction – just name a few.

Further, we live in a culture that celebrates “Mis-creativity” which serves consumerism and bad entertainment. Vast amounts of potential creative energy are drained away on the trivial and manipulative. “Prodigy slayers” stalk young creative talent and convert them into “Pandermaths” (talented people who serve consumerism and entertainment), who don’t create art but “dis-art”.

And consumerism makes you a user, but not a creator. By the very fact you use its products and worship the “creativity” of corporations, you do not develop your own skills.

Corporate organization opposes creativity and creative people because by nature they will not submit to a hierarchy or allow their innovations to be corrupted into tools for maximum profit

Group think promoted by marketing and advertising reduces individuality and thus creativity, for the creative impulse is driven by the need to be different and unique

The general condition in our culture of alienation and disconnection causes us to be fearful and this reduces the creative impulse

And think of this: At the level of education, we have NO curriculum that teaches creativity in secondary schools or in universities. What creativity a nation has comes spontaneously in a hit or miss way by individuals. This uneducated, haphazard creativity is a testimony to its drive in all of us, a drive which overcomes the barriers set up by education and the culture at large. But think how much more creative we might be with training from a very young age? Creativity is spontaneous because the curriculum is fully academic and logical. How then does creativity arise from the elite University system? It does not and that is why we are in a crisis.

Our crisis of creativity is our central problem today. To get out of this crisis we must first start thinking in terms of CREATIVITY. We need training in creativity, an inventory of creative skills, ways of organizing collective creativity, applying creativity to social movements and more.

When we address the core issue then we can make strides toward ending today’s crisis. The core issue is ultimately not economics or politics or etc, it is our ability to solve these problems, and this is all about creativity.

Cage Innoye

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