Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Version of "Philosophy for a Diverse Planet" available -- free ebook by Cage Innoye

Philosophy for a Diverse Planet,  285 pages, PDF 

This is a free ebook by Cage Innoye.

Version 3 now available. Key articles gathered together. Articles are about diverse thinking, diversity, individuality, creativity and diverse wholes. 

Topics include economics, history, theology, psychology, education, individuality, nature, individuality, time, methods and more.

Also includes summary articles of key ideas in this philosophy to simplify things. 

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3          Introduction

Introductory and summary articles:
16        We Live in a Great Diverse
24        14 Personal Themes of Diverse Thinking
35        23 Social Principles of Diverse Thinking
49        Are You a Diverse Thinker?
51        Freedom is all about Difference
54        Diverse Thinking and its Social Strategy -- A Brief Summation

Economic articles:
59        After Wall Street, an Economy of Multiple Values and Measures
66        What to do after Occupying Wall St? -- Create a new stock exchange
78        Five themes of a Diverse Economy
79        What is Economic Power?
83        Wanted: New MBAs, New Entrepreneurs, New Economists
86        Create Money!

Psychology articles:
90        Your Mental Diverse is composed of Many Minds
98        Elaboratia – the suppression of emotional development
102      Nine Ways your Psychology is undermined – about the differentiation of personality

106      For a Direct Democracy

112      On Schools – A Whole Human Being Requires a Whole Curriculum

Directness and the Empiric:
115      The Way of Directness – rely on Yourself and not Saviors
121      On the Empiric

125      Love of the Different

128      Replacing Karl Marx's view of History ---The theory of Historical Differentiation

142      Our “Diverse” also includes Nature and Animals
146      Reduce our Footprint, Control our Ex-natures, Think out of the Human Box
148      Will Our Lower or Higher Natures Win?
153      Ex-Suffering and Ex-Nature are Connected to Suffering and Nature
154      Nature and Human Differentiation

International relations:
156      For a Planet of Diversity and a Planet that is a Whole
161      A Ten Commandments for Nations

163      Creativity uses the Power of Differentiation
167      Creativity is an Unstoppable Force of History

175      The Golden Rule
176      On the Entemple – the Temple within
178      The Shifting Dynamic of Your Two Spirits
188      You are Not Mere “Matter”

189      On Healthy Individuality and Society
196      Healthy vs Unhealthy Individuality -- about the Tea Party
200      Bodyism, an Extreme Individuality in the USA

208      On the Development of Identity
224      “You”, “They”, “Me”, “We” and Your Identity

227      The Manipulation of Time – the rise of "Momentia"
234      Simultry:  a form of oppression that arises from differing stages of development

236      Diverse thinking and the synthesis of ideas
238      The Methods of Range Thinking
242      The World of Iso-thinking
248      Some Important Points About Differentiation, Undifferentiation, Wholes, Subsumes, Evolution and Reproduction
250      What is Differentiation? – a simple formula: individuation, duality, evolution, chaos
254      The Dialectic of Progress, Striving and Value
260      Returning to the Subsume
278      Examples of Differentiation and Undifferentiation
280      Nature’s Genio, Differentiation and Undifferentiation
281      Some Principles of Multiple-perception and the Multi-cultural
283      Methods of Creating Diverse Wholes – government, economics, neurology

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