Saturday, February 4, 2012

New book: "About Individuality", free ebook by Cage Innoye

About Individuality, 130 pages, PDF
New book. A collection of articles about individuality, identity, unhealthy individuality and Tea Party thinking

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Table of Contents

4          Healthy vs Unhealthy Individuality -- about the Tea Party
7          Individuality, Sociality, Social Ground
12        Tea Party Creates New Philosophy: Bodyism
19        On the Development of Identity
36        Tea Party could never pull off an Occupy Wall St
40        Freedom is all about Difference
43        Diverse Thinking and its Social Strategy -- A Brief Summation
48        Adam Visits a Tea Party City – a short story
61        Wall Street Response: Occupy Obama? Dump the GOP/Tea Party?
67        The Way of “Directness” – rely on yourself and not “saviors”
72        14 Personal Axioms of Diverse Thinking
83        9 Themes in the Evolution of Personality and Identity
87        Atlas Shrugged But Never Hugged ­­­ About Ayn Rand and the Tea Party
107      Notes on the Individual
123      Resist Identity Theft
128      Does Marketing Try to Extend Adolescence, the Culture of High School, and Clique-thinking?

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