Tuesday, February 21, 2012

new expanded version: A Quick Glossary of Diverse Philosophy, free ebook by Cage Innoye

Quick Glossary of New Terms and Concepts, 48 Pages, PDF

Expanded Version 2 available. Many new words and phrases coined in the development of the philosophy.

Some entries in the glossary:

Elaboratia, empiric, subsume, differentiation, social metric economy, directness, dequity, depressionist, momentia, continuity mind, axxiad, anpath, emply, etheria, ext-illusion, tact and virt, human bandwidth, genio economy, general measure theory, iso-think, mis-creativity, gracious imperfect, historical differentiation, ikonomy, polythea, myth substitution, neg-andro, original intervention, pandermath, tangi-not, quietic, range thinking, simultry, social genio, sociality, superlanguage, voceum, transcendent emotion, vague-whole-word, dual power, philosophy of differentiation and much more.

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