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The Axxiad, by Cage Innoye, free ebook

The Axxiad, 362 Pages, PDF
The original work on diverse philosophy that has in-depth discussions on topics from emotions to identity to individuality, economics, creativity and much more. In broad strokes the book sketches out a general framework on many issues. Book is analytic but also intuitive and experimental.

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Table of Contents:

Introduction: The Universe is Dead

On General Philosophy
    On the Meaning of the Diverse
 On the Diverse Human
    On Diverse Human Culture
    On Thinking That Opposes Differentiation
    On Iso-Thinking
    On the Universe vs. the Diverse
On Managing Our Diverse
On the Dual Ethics in Diverse Thinking
On the Diverse On the Diverse

On the Spirit
    On the Identity of the Cosmos
    On the Personality of the Diverse
    On the Personality of Humans
    On "God"
    On the Diverse and Categories
    On Names
    On Nouns and Verbs
    On the Six Days of Diverse Genesis
    On Two Kinds of Wholes
    On the Source of Many
    On the Infinite Collection
    On "Everything"
    On Diverse Evolutions
    On the Appearance of the Self Conscious Diverse
    On Who Represents the Whole?
    On Diverse Spiritual Paths
    On the Entemple
    On the Old "Church"
    On Faith in the Diverse
    On Patience
    On Power
    On Two Types of Suffering
    On the Range of the Spiritual Philosophy
    On New Technologies
    On the Term "Religion"
    On the Sacred
    On Worship and Salvation  
    On Proportion and the Smaller
    On Warrior and Spirit
    On Being Yourself
    On We Are Human Beings
    On Original Ignorance and Original Potential
    On Original Intervention
    On the “Divine”

On Diverse Love
  On Caring
  On Love and the Diverse
  On the Different and the Similar
  On Love vs. Morality
On Directness
    On Indirectness

On the Empiric
    On What Is an Empiric?
    On “Centering” Yourself
 On Mistakes
    On the Emotions of an Empiric
    On the Youth of an Empiric
On the Social Empiric

On “Diverse Dogma”

On Types of Etheria
  On the Meaning of Etheria
  On the Chain of Perception to Action
  On the Abrupt Mind
  On Method
  On Ideology    

On Moments
   On Momentia
   On the Social Manipulation of Momentia
   On Consumerism and Moments
   On Continuity
   On Specific Methods of Managing Moments
   On Ground and Moments
   On Identity and Moments
   On Experience and Moments

On the Emotional Diverse
   On Emotions and Thoughts
   On Emotions and Experience
   On Types of Emotion
   On the Various Schools of Managing Emotions
   On Laws of Emotions
   On the Meaning of “Elaboratia”
   On Cultural Elaboratia
   On Iso-Emotion
   On Iso-Thought
   On Ideology
   On How Iso-Psychology Sees the Diverse Mind
   On Emotional Elaboration
   On Self Forgiveness
On Happiness and Unhappiness
On Transcendent Emotions
On Identity
   On the Meaning of Identity
   On Superficial Identity
   On the Personality Builder
   On Bias vs. Balance
   On Stages of Integration
   On Lack of Identity and Identity Theft
   On the Emotions of Integration
   On the Path of Identity

On the Individual
    On Human Differentiation
    On the Search for the Individual
    On Sociality
    On Ground
    On Egotism
    On Extreme Individualism
    On Alienation and False Individuality
    On Fear and Alienation
    On Alienation and Groupism Together
    On Slacking
    On Bodyism
    On Freedom
    On the Individual as Agent
    On Internal and External Guidance
    On the Illusion of the Group
    On the Riddle of the Individual

On Genio
   On the Relation of Genio to the Diverse
   On the Crisis of Creativity
   On the Boundary Between Ages
   On the Future
   On the Mis-Creative
   On Dis-Art
   On Thread Mind and Sphere Mind
   On the Left and Right Brains
   On the Diverse Joining the Thread and Sphere Minds
   On Comparing Thread and Sphere Minds (Singularity, Flash, Metaphor, Rule Formation, Randomness, Recombination, Juxtaposition, Re-Purposing, Novelty, Non-Imitation, Absurdity, Negation, Play, Humor, Story Writing, Generality, Intuition, Vagueness, Wholes, Form, Collecting, Excepting, Induction, Mystery, Word, Emotions and Life, Sensations, Hierarchy, Plans and Time, Problem Solving, Leadership, Teaching, Joy and Depression, Self Criticism, Ego, Voice, Rational and Not, Rebellion, Production Stages)
On Human Genio and Nature’s Genio
   On Differentiation and the Sphere Mind
   On Thread Mind Culture
   On the Social Cycle of Creativity
   On the Geniotariat
On the Genio Right
   On the Genio Cycle
   On Self Genio
   On the Genius from Our Genes

Book Two: Notes on Social Issues

On Diverse Democracy
    The Social Diverse
    Minority and Majority
    Government of Genio
Culture of Intelligence
Separation of Money and State
No “Checks and Balances”
The Constitution
The State
The People are Civil Society and the State
Inner and Outer Democracy

On Consumer Society

On the Realms of Suffering vs. Ex-suffering

On the Simultaneous and Simultry

On Knowledge Trading

On Many Centers

On Superlanguage
Inner and Outer
Media Grammar

On Diverse Economics
    Money is a Supply-and-Demand Metric
    Metric Targets
    Create “Money”
    Monetary Capitalism and Metric Capitalism
    Profit and Non-Profit
    New Wealth
    Accounting and Conventions
    General Measure Theory
Measure and Immeasure
    Quantity and Quality
   Standards and Popularity
    Civil Society and State Society
    Internal and External Direction
    Metric Fiscal Policy
Diverse Ownership
Citizen Metrics

On a New Civilization and “Civos”

On the Quietic

On Moral Evolution

On Range Thinking

On Illusion and Reality

On Non-Ahgenn Beliefs

On the Vague-Whole-Word

On the Kollect

BOOK THREE: Notes on Nature and Ex-nature

The Evolution of Human
Nature in Human
Human’s Affect on Greater Nature
Greater Nature’s Affect on Human
Greater and Lesser Nature, Greater and Lesser Human
Suffering and Home
Communication and Force
Ex-nature is Child of Nature
Ex-suffering and Ex-Nature are connected to suffering and Nature.

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