Monday, March 12, 2012

A Personal View of the Human Spirit, by Cage Innoye, ebook

A Personal View of the "Spirit", 129 pages, PDF
Version 2. A collection of articles expressing a very individual perception of spiritual and life philosophy topics.

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Table of Contents

4          The Entemple, the Temple Within
6          About Two Realms of Spirit: Objective and Subjective, Outer and Inner
8          14 Personal Principles of Diverse Philosophy
18        On the Spirit, an Overview
32        Spirit of the Whole and Spirit of the Individual
36        You are Not Mere Matter
41        Autobiography of “God”
47        Lakape, Love of the Different
51        On Directness
55        The Empiric
59        The Forbiddens
60        Personal Thoughts on the Human Soul
65        Some Words and Ideas – forgiveness, idealism, receding mystery, grounded mysticism, spirit, soul, subsume, voceum, voluntary suffering, whole
69        Threshold of the Profound
70        The Sanctifiers
71        The Transcendent Emotions Make Us Human
73        Return to the Subsume
91        Thanksgiving, Reconnecting, and the Quietic
97        Compassion, empathy, suffering, striving, love and heroes
111      Neg-Andro, Evil and Animals
112      Will Our Lower or Higher Natures Win?
117      Moral Evolution, balance and the new “Forbiddens”
120      The Dialectic of Progress, Striving and Value
124      Depression and Creativity and the "Depressionist"
129      On Love vs. Morality

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