Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Think Out of the Human Box, Think of Nature, by Cage Innoye, ebooklet

Think Out of the Human Box, Think of Nature, 57 pages, PDF
New version. Articles about Humans and Nature, BP oil spill

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Table of Contents

4          Reduce Our Footprint, Control Our Ex-Natures, Think Out of the Human Box.... 
6          Our “Diverse” Also Includes Animals and Nature
11        Will Our Lower or Higher Natures Win?
16        Ex-Suffering and Ex-Nature are Connected to Suffering and Nature
17        Nature and Human Differentiation
19        BP Spill – the Failure of Obama  
22        Lack of Protests During Oil Spill Disaster --- Are We Now in a Culture of Dependency?
26        We Need a New Home 
28        Wisdom, Catastrophe, Evolution
30        Nature is Cruel, but We do Not have to be.
32        Nature Asks: “Where Are They?”
34        Slaughter on an Acre
36        You Act Like an “Animal”! -- Neg-andro and Evil
37        The Sanctifier
38        Threshold of the Profound
39        Notes on Nature and Ex-Nature
56        Do Not Harm the World

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