Thursday, April 12, 2012

There is a genuine genius in our genes

There is a genuine genius in our genes.

We are the species of creation, a cosmological nation.

A great tribe of genio, made in the universe's image.

But we are not an imitation of creation, for our creation is self conscious, self aware.

The cosmos has no lords of deliberation, no cognizant commanders, it is without consciousness, without plan, without study, without intention.

The unschooled heavens however made and matriculated a student, and began a break with all past preparation.

And yet we are still a child of galactic invention made by forces of creativity, by accident and chance.

And we are a child of galactic intervention for our path was altered forever by Nature itself.

We are condemned to invent and re-invent, self invent and self invent again and again.

In blaze of self awareness we work, and in the background are the blind successes of performing Nature, the infinite and sleepy polymath, gifted and without a thought.

Our genetic fate is our highest trait.

From the oldest dreams in the oldest genes, the dreamers dreamt in the dream time, they evolved imagination, in chimera and figments, the pigments of improvisation.

And this dreamer cannot sleep, this dreamer cannot doze, it creates all the night, creates all the day, sleep is work and work is sleep in the insomnia of evolution.

In the joys of intuition and surprise, in the euphorias of vision and making, in the beauties of form and poetry, there thrives the creative creature.

Awesome is the produce of a mind from an unending harvest. Be it accretive creation or creative accretion, to work it is condemned.

Our genetic fate is our highest trait, we create, we recreate, we self create, we self create again. 

We are creation just like creation, the new without cessation.

It is the genesis of genio, of the genuine genius in our genes.

Cage Innoye

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