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Creativity is an Unstoppable Force of History

Creativity is an Unstoppable Force of History

Society and History are driven by two very powerful forces: Differentiation and Creativity.

These two energies are the “Spirit” of Human evolution. And more, they are the “Spirit” of the cosmos, of all things.

Differentiation is the production of difference. Difference in the Diverse would include, for example, individuality. Change, the new and evolution are types of difference that take place over time. Complexity is the expression of differences within a whole or system. A general list of types of differentiation might include: detail, parts, individuality, change, complexity, particularity, conflict, duality, the new, evolution, chaos, splitting, the creative, inner and outer, variety, range, simultaneity, non-hierarchy, the indeterminate, the vague, the inefficient, the wandering, the unstable, the flexible, the non-uniform, the independent and so much more.

Creativity is simply the act and method of producing difference, differentiation, diversity, individuality, particularity, individuation (the creation of distinctness). When Nature or when Human’s are creative a unique difference has been produced. Creativity is about technique and strategy. For Human beings creativity is the self conscious method of achieving genuine differentiation.

Differentiation in Human society leads to the evolution of a complex society with many social strata and institutions, the appearance and interconnection of ethnic, racial and religious groupings, the evolution of direct democracy as a way to manage millions of differing opinions, the search for ways to measure economic activity through multiple goals and targets, the necessity of cooperation and peace with other nations, the expansion of worldview to an inclusion of the whole “world”, that is, Nature. Also, social differentiation leads to new knowledge and technologies and wealth, the rise of new conditions and stages in social evolution, the development of communication forms to express differentiation and more.

Differentiation in Human psychology leads to the self consciousness of personal identity and its evolution; it leads to a grasp of individuality and its methods and responsibilities; it leads to the elaboration of the fused mind of a child into the distinct system of departments such as reason, creativity, subconscious, emotion, wisdom and memory; it leads to an evolution of many emotions from an original set of primitive or animal emotions and then the problem of knowing and managing them all. Also, psychological differentiation leads to learning creativity and learning the techniques of thinking in terms of difference and diversity.

Differentiation drives the history of society and the history of each individual. It is the great spirit of everything. And this spirit is a cosmological spirit that is ubiquitous and eternal. The notion of a “personal spirit” reflected in a personal philosophy or theology is a distinct idea about “spirit” (though it would seem that one’s personal view and practice should be reflect some of the features of the larger spirit manifested in the external world to avoid conflict and failure, because ultimately the two spirits are the same).

Suppression of Difference
Essentially, Human creativity propels differentiation, guides it and plans on it. When creativity is absent then we have sectarianism, class war, hostilities between nations, culture wars and wars of institutions, exploitive elites, bigotry, the breakdown of the family, greed and power seeking, elite control, at times utter disorganization, media that de-communicates, destruction of Nature, economies with a singular and one-dimensional measure and goal (profit) and so on.

More specifically, we can say this about the many ways of suppression and manipulation of difference and diversity:
·         Differences can lead to the subjugation of one group by another and its exclusion
·         One-sided and overly simplistic ideas can arise that erase difference, diversity, variety and complexity; these ideas can hide difference and only stress commonality whether true or false
·         Chaos and alienation and conflict can arise if differences become too great, this leads to disconnection of individuals, social groups and whole nations
·         Marketing, consumerism and advertising suppress individuality in an attempt to slot someone into a demographic to sell common products to millions. Political parties do the same by squelching creativity and difference
·         Many social institutions and values are replaced by one force: corporations and money. This leads to the erosion of education, healthcare, programs for the poor and needy, and other social needs.
·         The evolution of parts and the elaboration of an initial state into a full blown system are suppressed. Human psychology does not evolve properly. New social trends and institutions are not allowed to mature and flourish.
·         In a worldview that is anti-diverse, Nature does not exist.
·         New technologies and sciences are suppressed because they threaten existing powers
·         Elites and corporations do all they can to make communication and media a monologue rather than a two way dialogue.
·         And there are many other ways of holding back the evolution of difference or pushing it to an extreme to create disconnection

Healthy Differentiation
We can say there is such a thing as “bad differentiation” where it is either suppressed or made extreme. From an understanding of these examples above we can derive some simple ideas:

We want direct democracy so that all directly participate; we want diversity, the multicultural and equality; we want economic systems that have multiple values where profit is only one value among many; we want a society of many institutions with differing values not simply one primary organization (the corporation); we want a planet of cooperation and peace; we want harmony, care and responsibility toward Nature; we want media that is free and open to all; we want an education system that teaches us to be complete Human beings developing self knowledge and the skills of management for all parts of our psyche; we want both individuality and social connection too.

In the realm of Human psychology, we want to become true individuals and to learn the techniques of being individuals and leave behind alienation or group think. We want personal moral codes so that we can navigate through the difficulties of life. We want to find our true identities and then evolve them stage to stage. We want life philosophies or spiritual frameworks to explain the fundamental life issues and guide us to a happy and meaningful life. We want to develop all of our potentials, all sides of ourselves. We want to end the war of reason and creativity that education, politics and business has created within us. More, we want to stop all of the battles between all of our sub-minds so that we can learn about wisdom, emotions, the subconscious, dreams, logic, imagination, memory, and make all these realms work together.

Positive differentiation can transform us from being “Human suiters” into full Human beings. “Human suiters” are people that are Human in from but empty of Human content, they wear “Human suits” over their hollowness. The Human suiter is the ideal citizen and consumer of this peculiar epoch open to manipulation and exploitation.

The list of these changes is large, the tasks are enormous and they cannot be accomplished in a short space of time. And it is unlikely these changes can come about as the result of some extremely long-term program of gradual refurbishment.

If you look around you will see that the world is not getting better, it is getting worse. The weight of all of the problems is dragging us down and leading to misery and turmoil. At some point in a society, the force of differentiation will have to burst out, it will cry out for freedom and fraternity. Radical reform and revolution will be demanded. Those who operate the status quo must be removed or progress cannot made into our rightful future, into our long delayed destiny – a destiny of thinking beings, created by a cosmos of differentiation, people who have finally grasped their own nature coincides with all other things: difference, diversity, individuality and change.

Social Creativity speaks to these themes. It finds ways of acting at every stage through all issues and problems. Social Creativity has two overarching principles:
1)      To liberate differentiation, to unfetter the process, to create a Diverse in all fields (individuality, diverse economic measures, freedom, the multi-cultural…)
2)      Then to connect all of the independent elements and parts into a Diverse Whole, so that all is one in a complex, flexible and free whole.  (direct democracy, global institutions, whole brain, whole individual, Human and Nature as one, education that creates a full Human being, free and open communication and media…)

Social differentiation and Social Creativity are two features of the same power. Differentiation simply refers to the process of creating difference, details, parts and complexity while creativity or Genio refer to the creative process itself -- how it works, the means and the ends, the goal and the method, the form and the content. Social Creativity is the self-aware activity of Human beings striving to create a new and better world.

The creative activist is tuned into an enormous power. Elite groups for the most part cannot make use of the power of differentiation, it is too dangerous, although chaos and alienation work for them at certain levels and times. And they certainly cannot be creative as a Social Genio can. Their creativity is Mis-creativity, it is false, trivial, addictive, and above all it makes a profit. The anti-diverse rule by suppressing differentiation, by maintaining ignorance, by fostering delusion, distraction, dependence, dysfunction and disconnection (the 5 Ds).

Even in a Shell Culture where there are ritualized bows and feints toward diversity and individuality, there are those who do not really believe in these values. Look at the activity of major institutions, they work daily and self consciously against freedom, common interests and true cooperation. 

The Social Genio works with the power of the cosmos and Human history, she or he is in harmony with the quintessential force of all things. The Social Genio draws power from this “magic” and is imbued with this transcendent spirit of evolution which must at times make revolution to unblock its path of progress. The Social Genio cannot fail because its creativity is NOT against reality, its creativity will not break down or turn into chaos or stimulate bigotry and war or lead to economic depression or wound Mother Nature. Social Creativity is in harmony with Human nature and cannot be stopped.

A Social Genio understands, feels, and represents the fundamental power of social evolution. She or he is an agent of this power and is dedicated to finding the means to free people and free the force of differentiation, build a new world and maintain the inertia of change and innovation.
Those who stand against differentiation and creativity will ultimately be swept away. The yearning for freedom, equality, individuality, direct control, mental health, economic relief, peace, identity and more cannot be denied.

And more, Social Creativity is alert to those who want social change but only up to a point, to those who want to arrest the revolution and arrest the revolutionaries. Social Creativity is an ongoing process without end, it certainly has stages and defined goals for each stage, however, it does not stop. It may pause to consolidate gains, to catch its breath, to rethink ideas and plans but it will not accept cessation and cease fire. Those who want to fix social change at some point are timid at the least and at the worst are trying to engineer some new kind of new elite power.

To some it may seem odd to speak of creativity and social processes in the same breath. Creativity which is recognized in the personal realm of course seems to be far away from cultural and political issues, but is precisely because we have no creativity in these fields that we have so many problems today. What does an artist or inventor or researcher have in common with an organizer or political leader or a new kind of entrepreneur or professional? Well, if you read this work you will now know.

Creativity is a wonderful thing whether personal or social, Genio is an essential force of the Diverse. Genio is the essence of the process of differentiation in the cosmos.  Difference, individuality, uniqueness and diversity are fundamental features of the world. These powers are synonymous with creativity. Genio created our Diverse reality.

Genio is in all things, Creativity is in Humanity. Innovation is the genius of the cosmos. Creativity drives personal evolution and creativity drives social evolution. Genio is everywhere, rather than hiding from it or attempting to halt it, let us harness its power and guide it to high moral and spiritual ends. Creativity and revolution are one and the same.

Moreover, we must know that Genio is the genius in all of us. In this cosmos we all have genius within us. The Diverse makes genius democratic and mass, and this is a wonderful and powerful thing.

Further, creativity is the prime need of a Human being, Genio makes life worth living, and Genio is life itself. The genesis of the world brought Genio to all things, genesis is within you and everyone, and it is the most sacred of Human powers. Human Creativity is the self-conscious cosmos, it is the cosmos brought to self awareness, the cosmos awake.

The point of Social Creativity is to bring social activism and social processes awake, more precisely, to awaken History, to bring humanity out of its long sleepwalk. We have been Hypnods for so long, people in a hypnotized sleep caused by enforced ignorance and cultural narcotics.

The difference between Human creativity and Nature’s creativity is only that Human creativity is self aware, it is self conscious, it evaluates, plans, and improves its methods. Human and Nature’s techniques are very similar. The difference is that Natural creativity has no plan, it is fully random and has no self awareness.

Human creativity is done with consciousness, this is our nature and this separates us from the rest of Nature. Social creativity is done with this in mind, its creativity is in the blaze of self perception, the self perception of History.

Unlike Nature we cannot do anything blind, this is not our way. Nature in its blindness and spontaneity can do things infinitely beyond Human beings. It has a personality that we cannot ever truly understand, an entity that acts without thinking or plan. We however are condemned to thought, to our creative methods, to consciousness, to the limits and rules of our neurological equipment that tries to mimic the cosmos in its own curious way. It does so with a dreamy, abstract, intangible world of ideas and information disconnected from reality. We create ethereal worlds independent of time and immediate conditions, and here in these fantasies and games we use logic to analyze and imagination to create new ideas. Nature has none of this at all -- no neurology, no thoughts, no flashes of insight as our creativity does, yet it evolves, differentiates and creates on a vast scale.

We have limited creativity with consciousness, and Nature has unlimited creativity with no consciousness, these are the paradoxes of each entity. But Human creativity can be powerful and it can learn very quickly, and it can compress an evolutionary process of Nature into a very short span.
Human creativity is a matter of having a brain. With this comes a rich world of behaviors. In Human creativity we learn, sharpen, develop, assimilate and synthesize. We build up a rich library of ideas, information and tools, we improvise constantly from it. Human creativity enters the realm of collective creativity and develops means of social leadership that enhance innovation and imagination.

Human creativity must teach thus it disseminates concepts and methods. The most important task is the creation of new creators. They must be trained. Then the complicated process begins where many creators invent and provide a vast marketplace of individual products. And where one person’s creation is received by another and modified. A creator passes an innovation to a receptor, the receptor adds her or his changes to it with novel elements. Throughout this process some facilitation must arise in a risky attempt to guide this dynamic evolution to serve social needs and make a better world. Social creativity is all of these things and more….

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