Saturday, June 23, 2012

Definition of Directness, Direct Action

Definition of Directness, Direct Action

Directness is the method of living life in direct contact with experience, inner self and social processes. In this case, Indirectness means a method of denying people directness by utilizing middle men to mediate information and influence. If one does not use directness in life, if you do not defy middlemen, then you will deify them as saviors; defy or deify.

Here is an important axiom of the Diverse: “Directness”. Human power is manifested through directness. Directness is a very important relationship you must have with the Diverse. It comes in two forms, directness in your personal life and directness in social activity, that is, directness in your inner Diverse and directness in your outer Diverse. One should become an apostle of "directness". This means direct connection, direct knowledge, direct control, direct responsibility, and direct communication.

Direct Action is a necessity of life. 

Every relation is direct. Because it is the only way that you as a separate entity are going to know other entities and properly relate to them. If you do not practice directness, then middle men will stand between you and the world, and you and your true self. Only directness connects you immediately with your inner and outer Diverses.

Life is a direct experience, the world and society must be met head on. This is the primary basis of intellectual and emotional knowledge, and the only way to manage life.

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