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Diverse Philosophy is a Handy Perspective

Diverse Philosophy is a Handy Perspective


Diverse Philosophy is a handy perspective. It covers a wide range of topics. And most of these topics are essential to life and society. Many of the core problems of our world are caused because we have little knowledge of the general themes of Diverse Philosophy.

Diverse Philosophy recognizes the prime importance of the individual and of individuality, and opposes systems of group think, marketing manipulation and state control

Diverse Philosophy stresses the importance of developing one's personal identity

Diverse Philosophy states that the present economic system is a mono-value system that must be replaced by one that has multiple values and measures.

Diverse Philosophy sees that the present system of government represents monetary interests and self seeking politicians, it calls for a direct democracy of referendum and instant recall and citizen participation.

Diverse Philosophy sees the mind as an assembly of many sub-minds, each of which must be developed and it sees the need of coordination, so a whole is created and general goals are attained.

Diverse Philosophy believes that education is about developing an entire Human being, the whole of the Human being, and is not mainly about the skills of memorization, math, grammar and logic.

Diverse Philosophy sees a planet not dominated by any economic or political or military powers; but a world of free nations that volunteer to cooperate and share some institutions on a multi-centered orb.

Diverse Philosophy sees multiple perception as natural and necessary.

Diverse Philosophy supports diversity and multiculturalism.

Diverse Philosophy supports the notion of differentiation but it sees that the Human race has differentiated itself in the extreme regarding Nature, the environment and animals. It says that it is time to reconnect humanity with its Home and shoulder the responsibilities of an intelligent species.

Diverse Philosophy supports a culture of multiple values and grasps that multiple powers must be created which support these many values, otherwise they will be undermined by singular values and their agents.

Diverse Philosophy adds to the heritage of morality and the spiritual the notion of love of the different, which has a different character compared to love of the same. Diverse philosophy says each is needed and both can work together to create happier world.

Diverse Philosophy supports new kinds of organization that are not hierarchical and do not have singular values and goals.

Diverse Philosophy suggests that in a complex world the only way an individual is going to know this world, participate and communicate within it, and gain some power is through the idea of "directness" --direct connection, direct immersion, direct knowledge, direct power, direct responsibility.

Diverse Philosophy likewise says that one must become an "empiric" of life, that is, delve into life, have experiences in life, learn the science and facts of life.

Diverse Philosophy tells us that creativity is one form individuality, a form of differentiation that is essential to happiness in life and to solving of problems in troubled society. And that self creation is one the most important things that you must do.

Diverse Philosophy tells us many things about the nature of Time, that it is a series of moments which must be connected by a "continuity" and much more.

And Diverse Philosophy tells us many more things on the golden rule, ethics, evolution, wholes, the "subsume", ritual, communication, the spiritual, emotions and more.

Diverse Philosophy holds that we live in a "Diverse" as opposed to a "Universe". It states that our cosmos is driven by the force of "differentiation" which is means the generation of difference.

Difference is expressed as individuality, change, the new, evolution, individuation, the creation of parts and complexity, creativity itself, a degree of disorder, the splitting of things, the appearance of duality and so on.

If you look around you will see complexity and development. We do not live in simplistic world of singular causes. We inhabit a world of ecosystems, biological systems, neurological systems, social systems and even thought systems. And below all of this are systems of atoms, particles, energy and fields.

This philosophy is both scientific and intuitive.Scientific because whole sciences are indeed dedicated to understanding the diversity of the cosmos, nature and Human beings. Intuitive because we generally grasp the notion from life experience, we expect diverse behavior and apply methods to manage and promote it..

Differentiation is everywhere, it is expressed in countless ways. It is the vigor and verve of our realm.

At the same time this energy requires some structure and organization. Undifferentiation is the idea that there is an opposite to differentiation, this is the phenomena of organization, stability, unity and reproduction. Without undifferentiation we could not have living things or institutions. The two processes work together to produce long term entities that are in a state of differentiation and yet do not dissipate, schism or collapse.

The goal is a Diverse Whole, a whole that is rich, manifold, alive with variety, free and democratic.

The first precondition for a whole is the freedom for differences to evolve, that is, we seek a type of liberation. Then afterwards we can work to assemble this new whole. If we do not allow differentiation to freely express itself, any whole we forge will be partial and will be oppressive and biased.

Diverse whole are both conscious and non-conscious. The amalgamations created by Human beings are a product of thought – fact gathering, analysis, creative hypothesis, testing, realization, planning and strategy. We are the Self Conscious Diverse. The rest of the cosmos is not.

In our case we must become self aware of the Diverse and its rules. In the case of Nature, it simply is diverse and behaves so without thought or intention or directed creativity. It should be our goal to become the Self Conscious Diverse otherwise we will fail, for spontaneous, reactive and ignorant behavior will lead to failure. The world is too complex for such nonsense.

Nevertheless, this nonsense thrives. There are some who have fashioned theories of common sense and rules of thumb that stress a kind of simplicity and singularity, where all things have one cause and one future.

This is 'iso-thinking', thinking in isolations, arriving at a singular, absolute, one-sided idea to explain a complex phenomenon. Iso-thinking multiplies itself by applying "one' to all things – one cause, one truth, one plan, one type, one plan, one strategy, one future, one value, one paradigm, one leader, one nation, one race, one, one, one. It arises for many psychological reasons, and because of the ease of laziness and voluntary stupidity, but it also serves elites because they benefit from the application of singular values and institutions to the exclusion of the competition (all other values and social groups…)

Diverse Philosophy avoids this danger. It redesigns the world so that it reflects and expresses the actual nature of the world. Its application is vast and its variations are limitless. It provides the liberation of difference and the relief of change and evolution.

It is not really a paradigm because it can work with many paradigms, it can generate new paradigms, and it can merge paradigms.

It is a handy tool that sees the most general laws and processes of the world and then creatively applies them to specific problems, situations, specializations and fields. It is a philosophy that promotes individuality and creativity, that revels in diversity and variety, that accepts multiple perception and contradiction in views as a normal state of affairs.

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