Sunday, June 17, 2012

For A New Economics of Multiple Values, Social Metrics and Creativity -- free ebook by Cage Inoye

For a New Economics of Multiple Values, Social Metrics and Creativity.  200 pages, PDF

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Version 3 now available. This version includes new articles discussing creativity and forming a creative economy. Also there are articles on multiple values and measures, new economic organization and a programme for the recession. 

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Table of Contents:

6      Introduction

Economy of multiple measures and diverse method:

7      What to do after Occupying Wall St? -- Create a new stock exchange
20    After Wall Street, an Economy of Multiple Values and Measures
27    The Essential Social Problem Is the Economic System
34    5 Themes of a “Metric Market Economy” or “Diverse Economy”

35    Will There be a Recovery from Capitalism?

49    What is Economic Power?

53    Wanted: New MBAs, New Entrepreneurs, New Economists

57    Create Money!

62    The War of Quantity and Quality – the history of economics

64    Measure vs. Immeasure, the limits of economics

66    Das Kapital is Kaput, The Wealth of Nations is Spent

67    On Diverse Economics

81    New Mendicants for a New Economy

Creativity and economics:

82    Time for a New Economic System -- 20 Features of a Creative Economy

89    Silicon chips, Moore’s law and forming a creative economy

94    Social Creativity uses various types of organization

103   Mis-creativity will keep the US in Recession

106   A National Mis-Creativity Index

108   Proletariat, Polletariat, Pandermath and Geniotariat

113   The New Creative Class: the Geniotariat

115   Social Institutions and Creativity

118   Creativity is an Unstoppable Force of History

128   A Basic Overview of Creativity

139   Creativity and Thought Methods

144   5 Features of Social Creativity

Recession and other issues:

146   Will USS Titanic Hit Foreclosure Iceberg?
149   There Is No Federal Budget Crisis
152   Militarism in a one world economy is not very smart

154   Health is the Infrastructure of the Infrastructure

156   Methods of Creating Diverse Wholes -- government, economics, neurology

160   Economics Maintains Our Broken Whole

165   A Triage Program for the US Economy -- some initial thoughts

173   Consider Local Investment Banks and a New Kind of Federal Reserve

175   US Universal Healthcare is Law – Next step is a strategy to reduce costs

178   Conservative Economics is Based upon Magic, Cruelty, Fatalism & Greed

183   Money is there to Fix the Economy – There is a way out

188   Poverty and Job Programs

191   Whom does an Economy Serve? – for a new economy of self growth, giving and living things

194   Why not Declare a National Bankruptcy?

197   Control Land Prices and Reduce Mortgages

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