Monday, June 25, 2012

Nature and Human Differentiation

Nature and Human Differentiation

A major broken whole concerns Nature. We have lost all touch with animals and the environment. We have increased immensely the suffering of Nature and are increasing our suffering as the global ecosystem breaks down.

As in the movie Avatar, the blue and green orb gradually turns brown and gray matching the dull colors of dead minds who seek only status, power and money.

With a new compact with Nature, we can pledge to reconnect with all of Nature. We must know that because we are connected as one, we cannot break the whole. Our survival and sustenance depends on this.

We must also know that if we appreciate the suffering of Nature then we can care for Nature. We can empathize because we too are fragile and vulnerable as living beings. If we suffer then we can understand the suffering of others, of all others in the cosmos. And because we enjoy Nature we should grasp that we are too a part of Nature, for Nature makes us happy, it is our original Home and we do find joy in it even today at our advanced state.

In one sense the Human race is moving out of Nature into a realm of “Ex-Nature”, our culture is taking us on a long evolutionary adventure. However, we are like a tree that is constantly evolving, putting out new buds and shoots, and eventually branches and spires, but we are ultimately rooted in Nature. We cannot transcend this fact, we cannot leap from this Ground, the Sequoia of Humanity will tip and fall, and we will be no more.

We are living things breaking out of Nature. There are two children of the cosmos -- one child is us, the other child is Nature. We are two siblings in a sense; our parent is the cosmos of singularities and galaxies. The young one is bright and curious and frenetic, the older one is wise and slow and unconscious. One needs the other; one does NOT need the other. How will this family fare?
Differentiation is the process where differences appear, this includes parts, new phenomenon, individuality and more. Differentiation is the major force in the cosmos. Differentiation created Humankind, it differentiated our species from all other animals and all of Nature.

We became very unique with all of our Ex-Nature behaviors pursuing our own path and eventually exploiting this planetary home. And though we are different we began to think that we are completely disconnected, that we are not part of a greater whole, not dependent on a transcendent whole. So we ravage and poison and ignore and neglect because in our minds Nature does not exist, only we exist, nothing else.

But the fallacy is that we are interconnected, interdependent, interlocked, intermingled and interrelated with our environment. We differentiated but we did not sever ties with our larger family. We cannot or else we will die. We are part of a whole and cannot exist without the whole. But as yet our practices show we do not grasp this point.

Differentiation is not division. Differentiation is life, the formation of new life forms. Division is death, it is the disconnection from the essential source of life, brought on by a species that thinks it is so distinct and unique compared to all preceding living things, that it is its own environment, its own sustenance, its own home, its own mother and father.

Nature is evolutionary, it produces an endless variety of life, diversity is its great theme. All it asks is that the living exist in a Diverse Whole. Those who want to live outside this whole will not survive. Nature can survive without Humans and in spite of the damage done by Humans. We need Nature but it does not need us.

Cage Innoye

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