Monday, June 25, 2012



File:Procyon lotor (raccoon).jpg

It was born to a loving mother
It had many brothers and sisters
This young raccoon played and cuddled
It had its joys and fears and experienced wonder at the world in its short life

It was hit by a car
Its rear legs were crushed
Somehow she crawled 200 feet from the roadway
And found safety in a barn lying in the darkness
It was in great pain and suffered for a day
She died quietly alone

But no one will remember her
This little creature born of a mother
And harmless to no one
It will have no eulogy, no funeral, no remembrance

It died, a lump of fur
It grew stiff in a short time
The carcass flattened returning to earth
It would never play with its brothers and sisters again
Never climb a tree for mulberries again

It went back to nature, to the animals and bugs and soil
Back to the ground from where we all come
Fur and bones say to us she lived, she existed, she died here
But soon nothing will remain
No trace of her at all

No one will remember her
This innocent little thing that had joys and fears
That did no harm

No one will remember this beautiful little child

Cage Innoye

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