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Reality Is Plastic, So We Must Be Creative

Reality Is Plastic, So We Must Be Creative
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Lucas V. Barbosa

 In our modern age people have lost clarity about illusion and reality. The art of living requires an understanding of the illusions that are real, and the reality which is really an illusion; we have lost this somehow, we've bungled the whole thing. Now our illusions and reality are completely confused, and bad people have taken full advantage of this situation.

A Human being needs illusions that give ideals, goals and identity. These are good illusions, necessary in the ethereal sphere of the psyche. Modern culture dashes this. It then creates a social reality that is actually an illusion, a false reality, physical yet untrue.

We begin to understand that just because something is real doesn’t make it true; it could be built on false ideas and false morality. And just because something is an illusion or an apparition or an abstraction doesn’t mean that it is false either.

The best manipulator will create false realities and erase true illusions. It is the job of a good person to help create true illusions and true realities, and fight against false illusions and false realities. Tactile delusions that are “real”, physical, material, substantial systems must be replaced with good ideals that can become working institutions that serve our true needs and desires.

This is an extension of Diverse thinking, we apply it to thoughts and real things, myths and science, dreams and reality, inner and outer, hopes and facts. Human beings live in a Diverse that includes all these opposites, all these things exist within Human perception and action. We are the beings that live at the middle of all these dualities, all of these differing worlds. And we must learn to juggle them and harmonize them -- or others will do it for us, and not in our interests.

The Diverse viewpoint here leads to this: There is ultimately no such thing as illusion or reality for Humans -- illusions can be more real than reality, you can have a reality that is completely false, it can physical, tactile, material, have mass and size and color and texture and be false. What this means is that the old philosophic notions of reality and illusion, matter and idea, things and spirit, dream and empirical have no meaning -- but then again they never did! All these historical debates were one-sided wars waged by men of the absolute, this absolute or that absolute.

The stanchion of the world is neither ideas nor matter, abstract or physical; we move between both, and manage both, and create in both realms. This world we can call “Tangi-Not”; it is both tangible and not.

What unites the two worlds? They are PLASTIC. The ethereal can become physical, the real can become ideal, truth can become fallacy and fallacy truth. Tangi-Not is a completely plastic realm. And it is up to us to make it work in healthy way. The key is art, the art of molding plastic Tangi-Not into shapes and forms. The art of night matter and day dreams, an artistry of a seamless realm of illusion and reality.

 Tangi-Not mixes the real and the ideal, the Diverse of the mind and of physical reality, the Genio of Humans and that of Nature. All is the same. Reality is plastic, creative, evolving diverse. And the mind is just as real, it is physical and substantial, its things are concrete. Reality is dream and mind is actuality.

This is the magic of Tangi-Not, and this comes from the acceptance that all is BEHAVIOR, and there is no difference between the two fundamentally.

When we grasp that reality is plastic, that illusions can be more real than “reality”, and that all realms of existence are Tangi-Not, then we can be CREATIVE.

The Cosmos and Nature are ultimately artists because all is plastic. For Human beings, particularly those in personal and social crisis, we must become artists and recreate existence both inside and outside our heads, both personal and cultural.

Creativity does not care if something is material or ethereal, it only wants to reshape them. Creativity is the concept that unites matter and ideas, inner and outer, personal and social. Creativity is the essential nature and force of the cosmos. And though we deny it, creativity is the essential force within us, within all Human beings.

Cage Innoye

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