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The World of Iso-Thinking

The World of Iso-Thinking


Iso-thinking means to think in one-sided and absolute terms. The term comes from thinking in “isolations” or “isolation-think”. Isothinking does not comprehend in terms of relationships or connections or communication or collections or wholes. It is a highly simplistic thought method that is really not a thought method at all, but a technique of suppressing true thought and imagination. Iso-thinking operates in terms of disconnections, reductions and the monochromatic.

Isothink’s various modes include:
One nation
One race
One gender
One sexual orientation
One species
One truth
One idea
One power
One leader
One religion
One form of wealth
One way to live life
One solution
One moral
One lifestyle

And more:
One law, one theory, one principle, one cause, one source, one point of view, one behavior, one culture, one value, one purpose, one function, one need, one mind, one essence, one goal, one method, one strategy, one organization.......

The constant drive of Isothink is One, One, One, One, One, One, One.......

A second mode of Isothink is “None”, that is, the iso-thinker wants nothing to do with these: Relationships, communication, connection, collections or wholes. All of these concepts and realities violate the iso-thinker’s need to dwell on the simplistic and singular One.

The Isothinker is in pursuit of an absolute, a sacred thing to worship, a magical power to wield over others. He is in search of an Absolute truth, essence, law, principle, ethic, concept, theory, paradigm.....

Where are the realms that Isothink operates? Everyplace!
In economics, Isothink champions the singular value of money, profit and wealth against all others.

In politics, Isothink promotes the dogma of political parties against each other. Further Isothink seeks the great singular leader that will solve all problems for he is a Savior.

Isothinkers often promote religious conflict by belittling one religion to elevate another.

In social relations, Isothinkers are always promoting bigotry of one type or another. There are so many different kinds of human beings and thus so many forms of exclusion to manufacture, the Isothinker’s caste system is forever busy.

In education, Isothinkers teach only one curriculum and deny that other realms of the mind must be developed beyond the logical and mathematical.

Isothink finds a perfect companion in marketing and consumerism, for corporations are always offering you the one magical solution to your problems. Groupthink promoted by consumerism encourages millions to buy the one product and thus be part of some elite caste who have the superior Isothink.

In international relations, Isothink favors super-nations and super-powers that dominate all others. Hence, Isothinkers are super-patriots.

Isothink does not think of nature and the environment all. This is distraction to the myopia of some single value that the Isothinker is pursuing – money, power, shopping etc.

In interpersonal relations, the Isothinker wants no connection or relationships, the Isothinker is self absorbed and selfish.

In science and technology, the Isothinker wants control over innovation to bolster the position of a particular corporation or an entire industry.

In medicine, the isothinking doctor offers simplistic diagnoses without putting much effort into finding the true malady his patient suffers from. He subscribes to the “disease of the week” especially if he has a deal with a pharmaceutical company.

In general problem solving, the Isothinker cannot stand the process of searching through many possibilities for a true cause.

The list of these behaviors could continue but you should get the general idea. When you become aware of isothinking in everyday life, you will see it Everywhere, and you will be astounded at its commonality and its stupidity.
Just why do we Isothink in the first place? Here are some reasons:
 Simplicity – little brainwork is involved, it is an “efficiency” of thought.

Laziness – we tend to get lazy so Isothink becomes attractive

Overburdened – we are doing too much, to survive in life we have too many tasks and obligations, so we lean toward the ease of Isothink.

Euphoria – the isothinker enjoys the high which comes from a simplistic analysis of a problem. It is true that once we derive a singular idea or method or plan we get a boost of energy. The problem is that eventually the singular solution runs into a crisis because the world is much more complex, thus the euphoria sinks into the blues. And then the individual must find another high to latch onto.

Education system – Isothink is the primary method of all of our schooling. The education system promotes an immature skill level. And this resonates with the Isothink of power and command.

Fear of change – often we become Isothinkers because thinking in more diverse terms leads to change, and some of us hate change, it makes us insecure.

Avoidance of conflict and false harmony – breaking out of Isothink puts you in direct conflict with authorities. For many it is preferable to live in the false harmony of an Isothink culture rather than challenge it. But this actually leads to more inner conflict and social conflict.

Justifies power – whenever we Isothink we are saying one thing should dominate all others, we are playing a power game with people. On a larger social or organizational or political level, Isothink creates certain values and ideas designed to dominate society. The one pure value creates a chain of command that all are forced to obey.

“Ordinary people are too stupid to think differently” – elites might make this justification, the result is that people are kept stupid rather than educated and elevated. (Elites have their own version of Isothink. When they try to break out of Isothink it might be in the areas of strategy and tactics of keeping control. But the primary system values are not challenged.)

Money – money is the ultimate Isothink category, it is one thing that all other things are reduced to in value, thus, it becomes the one thing that we must seek. Money is a kind of “Liquid” isothinking where all is transformed into money, and then in reverse, money supposedly then grants us access to all things. Liquid Isothink is a very interesting phenomenon.

(There are other kinds of this Isothink of Liquidity. Certain versions of “god” represent this process. All is reduced to “god”, then in reverse “god” expands out into everything eradicating all individuality and particularity.  Extreme selfishness also qualifies as Liquid Isothink because some would behave with pure ego, then justify it by saying that selfishness ends up to do social good...)

There are other forms of Isothink one can name.

Isothink is about Power, Diverse thinking is about dispersion of Power
The goal of isolation is control and power, though initially the intent may be clarity through extreme simplicity, or order by very simplistic methods. And while this is the start of iso-think, it quickly is wielded by systems and manipulators because it so perfectly buttresses any structure of manipulation.

Isothink is the opposite of thinking in terms of diversity and difference. Isothink is actually not thinking at all, it is a mode of memorization and rote, and dogmatic logical deduction where all things get automatically reduced to a previous idea. In isothinking there are no new ideas and absolutely no creativity. Isothinking generates its version of a kind of priesthood and worship.

The danger of Isothink is that whole systems can be created that worship some singular value. The sacred category then dominates all and constantly reproduces itself, all roads lead to it.

This means that all other values or principles are not pursued, they are suppressed or self repressed. The result of an Isothink culture is then great misery, for a society must have multiple values, and an individual has a great variety of needs, not just one.

Isothink systems are created by elites. They are quite aware of what they are doing. Elites are constantly attacking diverse thinking and any sort of noncompliance with cultural goals and instructions. Further, they are constantly perfecting Isothink propaganda and techniques to control behavior particularly as conditions change and evolve -- for elites cannot actually control time and development though they would like to.

This consciousness, maintenance, diligence, mis-creativity and even desperation shows that Isothinkers are making analyses and decisions and plans. What systems of Isothink show is that Human beings are in control of culture, we choose what values or goals or ethics that we want as organizing principles of a society. When we choose Isothink categories we get a certain kind of world, when we choose variety and diversity we create a completely different type of community. New ideas and new institutions can replace the dysfunctional neighborhood that we live in today.

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