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About Two Realms of Spirit: Objective and Subjective, Outer and Inner

About Two Realms of Spirit: Objective and Subjective,
Outer and Inner

There are two different uses of the word “Spirit”.

One usage refers to a personal spirit as in religion or a life philosophy. A second variety of spirit addresses the spirit or force or energy of the world, of Nature and the cosmos.

These two notions of spirit are not the same but are related. In Diverse philosophy, the spirit of the cosmos is “differentiation” and “creativity”, these forces drive all processes in the world. Differentiation is the dynamic that produces difference, variety, complexity, individuality, individuation, particularity, change, the new, chaos and evolution. Creativity is more the technique or method by which differentiation presents itself.

While perhaps not at first appearing to be related to an inner Human spirit, this “objective” or “outer” or “material” spirit is connected and parallel to an inner, ethereal, psychological, personal and subjective spirit.

Differentiation gives the inner spirit various axioms to follow such as the golden rule, principles of individuality, the study of creativity and etc.

Differentiation also presents the fundamental condition, paradox and problem for a Human being – how is one to manage existence given that one is cut off as an individual from society and Nature and History, how does one develop a relationship with these? This leads to issues such as soul, death, social evolution, eternity, abstract moral principles and much more.

Differentiation also presents us with all of our psychological issues and dynamics. Each department of our brain makes a contribution to our spiritual “paradigm” – the emotions of love and guilt and obligation, the subconscious with its dreams and voices and signs, the logical mind with its theologies or philosophies, the creative mind with its high joy, the wisdom mind that sits detached and objective weighing all information and opinions, and all the arguments from each of the sub-minds.

So the material spirit and the psychological spirit are intertwined. Though they are separate domains and have largely evolved distinctly as history has shown, the two are parallel and influence each other.
Certainly in this age we can see the impact of objective, cosmological spirit on the inner spirit. This has caused a temporary chaos and confusion in the soul in this age, as we try to sort things out. Traditional religions have not been able to keep up with the nonstop changes, new information and radical concepts.

At the same time, we can see the effect of the personal spirit on the physical. When some look at so called objective processes, we might be concerned with balance, creativity, some seeming moral principle of operation, the drive for differentiation which sustains life, survival and evolution.

So “spirit” has a double meaning, and in this age we shall see some convergence in the two meanings.

Historically, the word “spirit” in personal behavior has been hard to define, but let us try:

About the term “Spirit”
The word Spirit is difficult to define because there is a history of so many differing meanings. But let us say that Spirit refers to a whole host of issues traditionally denoted in theology, religion and life philosophies. These are issues different from those of conventional psychology or general philosophy. These topics include “god” or force or first cause, creation, soul, transcending to higher states, love, the sacred and so on. Here is a personal belief system about the world and how to live a life. Spirit arises from the living of a life and not from science, the social, the academic.

The collection of issues that continually appears indicates there is a category that is real and longstanding for the Human race. Each spiritual viewpoint can analyze and manage the issues quite differently, nevertheless, there seems to be a set of issues in common.

The word Spirit refers to many things: the higher, the divine, the wise, the moral, the loving, the emotionally healthy, connection and sociality, relation with Nature, special mental states, skill, philosophic method and much more.

Human Spirit is Unique
It should be noted that the objective spirit of cosmos and the Human spirit have differences.

We should be aware that Nature is extra-moral, in its diverse wholes are predation, suffering and death. While a Human, that is, the best of Humanity, is repulsed by this because we have transcended to a level of compassion and empathy. Harmony in a Human made whole is not the same as that in the natural world. It offers caring and democracy.

Further, as said above, we are concerned with our soul, spiritual states and a general evolution to higher levels of consciousness, while Nature is not concerned with these things.

Our species breaks out of ancient patterns into a new realm driven by ideals, by our abstract ghosts.

At the same time, we can look at the world about us and see basic rules related to differentiation and diversity that must apply to our realm too. The trick for us is to apply them while keeping in mind our basic Human nature, our essential Humanity.

Cage Innoye

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