Sunday, July 8, 2012

The End of the Universe, the Beginning of the Diverse

The Universe is dead.

A new world is being born in the thoughts and heart of humankind.

This world is a “Diverse”.

The old idea of the Universe is a place with room for only one idea, one point of view, one culture, one value, one leader and so on.

The new realm is a place of diversity, difference, individuality, change and creativity. The Diverse is a place of Many while the Universe was a place of only One.

Images of our Diverse:

File:Cluster MACS J0717.5+3745 .jpg

Galaxies in the Cosmos

Periodic Table Armtuk3.svg

Periodic chart of elements

File:Solar system.jpg
Many Planets

File:Earth Eastern Hemisphere.jpg

A Complex Orb

File:Ecosystem Componants.jpg
An Ecosystem

Living Creatures

File:Diversity of youth in Oslo Norway.jpg
Diversity of youth in Oslo, Norway

File:Da Vinci Vitruve Luc Viatour.jpg
A Human

File:PET Normal brain.jpg
Manifold Human Brain

Encyclopedia of Knowledge and Ideas

File:To the Unknown Voice.JPG
Diversity of Human Creativity

Human Individual

The “Universe” is dead. This great phenomenon, the greatest of all phenomena, is dead and gone. And all of its many children are departing quickly.

For so long we have believed in the “Universe”. It guided us, it gave us life and we worshipped it, and we feared it too. Academics and scientists taught us of its immense “Oneness”. Clerics sermonized this “One” into a particular kind of “God”. Leaders represented the “One” and its “Universe”. And Humans sought to return to the “Universe” because they had no separate individuality or uniqueness.

But this great phenomenon is now dead and gone. We have outgrown it. Science more and more is beginning to speak about diversity and change. The spiritual now is attracted to individuality and difference. Citizens are tired of leaders who set up their simplistic systems of power and control. The multicultural is everyplace, in all cultures. And the individual soul wants to be creative and not be part of the homogenized “One”.

In the third millennium, after the failure of so many experiments of the previous century in “Universal” thought and method, the old first truth is cast aside, a new myth appears.

The “Diverse” (die'-verse) begins in this new age. It replaces the “Universe”. It brings us diversity, difference, the manifold, change, evolution, creativity, complexity, and contradiction and more. It opposes the old “Universal” notions of no change, of stasis, stability, structure, hierarchy, imitation, lack of difference, and simplistic causes.

The “Diverse” brings us freedom after so many eons of “Universal” thought that ultimately brought power and control for a few -- in fact, that is the essential purpose of the concept. It is not in the end a philosophic or scientific idea, it is a social notion designed to create a certain kind of order.

Long Live Our Diverse!

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