Friday, July 27, 2012

Golden Rule

Golden Rule

Multiple perception and individuality lead to an interesting problem. The Diverse promotes individuality because it loves multiplicity and difference. However each person may become self absorbed and not appreciate multiple perceptions and needs in society, that is, the views and needs of others. Thus, ethics arises. The Diverse Golden Rule arises, to treat others as you would have them treat you, and to try to understand their views, and break from your narrow singular perception into a multiple perception of all society, all Humanity. We must understand in a social Diverse, the part (the person) carries within it the perception of the whole (society and other Humans). A person thus has a dual mindset of self and others. The Diverse makes the personal primary but demands that this not be absolute or extreme. So in the beginning, the multiple perception of the Diverse produces many different individual views, in a later stage the individual views must leap out of themselves into multiple perception.

This whole multiple perception problem leads to a discussion of individuality and sociality. They are not in contradiction to each other, they aid each other.

And when finally we grasp that one cannot represent the whole, but at the same time one must represent the whole, then we will understand the essence of Diverse ethics. The stress on the individual, on freedom, on the parts, on diversity and so on can leave us disconnected if we are not careful. We are both responsible for ourselves but also to maintain a world where good things exist for others too. We are thus condemned to a split consciousness where we are a part that must see beyond the narrow confines of a part to see the vast whole.

There must come a reversal of consciousness and in this reversal is the essence of all ethical evolution. The whole is the ideal in our minds, an ethereal template that we use to arrange the world. Without this lofty abstraction in the head of an individual no civilized community, society or culture can be created. When the individual grasps that she or he is not just an individual and that she or he is part of a whole, and must act for that whole, then we have journeyed to the most profound irony of the Human Diverse.

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