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On the Cosmos and the Diverse

On the Identity of the Cosmos
The cosmos IS the Diverse. You are part of the Diverse, the Diverse is within you, and you are the Diverse. All around you is the Diverse, you are at the boundary between your inner and outer Diverse. And you are at the boundary between your personal and Social Diverse. The Diverse is here, there and in between. The Diverse is not separate from the world, it IS the world.

On the Personality of the Diverse
The cosmos has no mind, has no will, no plan, no models, no consciousness. It is law without mind, it is energy without emotion, it is wisdom without teachings, and it is change without a blueprint. It is infinite yet finite, material yet abstract, absolute and peculiar. It is more profound than we know or can ever understand.

We can’t say what it is, because we don’t know, it escapes all definition. It is “is”, it behaves, and it is pure manifestation. And this “is” always “was” and “will be”. It is the ultimate state of being verb. The cosmos does not hide, it is everywhere, always. It is all things, the life of all things, the past of all things, the present and future of all things. The cosmos does not reside elsewhere; it lives within you, all around you. The cosmos does not lie; it reveals itself honestly and directly to you.

On the Personality of Humans
While it is natural to “Humanize” the cosmos giving it Human qualities, it is wrong. It is wiser to do the opposite and make ourselves more like the cosmos, that is, diversify ourselves, express the creativity in ourselves, recreate ourselves, become individuals so that the spirit of the cosmos, the Diverse, fills you up and then pours out.

On “God”
The Diverse disposition does not object to the word “God”, it is perfectly acceptable. But we feel that “God” is ultimately a word, and a Diverse temperament does not argue about words. The Diverse is real, before our first words were spoken and after the last ones will be spoken.

The Diverse is all reality, the outer and inner cosmos. A Diverse mind believes in the Diverse, in its powers and forces. She or he has faith in it. Some may call it “God” or not, it doesn’t matter, the Diverse mind to be specific calls it the “Diverse” and this word we will argue about for it gets to the essence of things.

“God” can be used by some to sidestep issues, a Diverse personality has definite ideas about the forces of the cosmos, and in this book we describe them. We look at the facts that Humankind has accumulated over thousands of years and we make summations and judgments. In other words, if there is a “God”, it has a definite character and principles shown to us in the world all around us. If there is a "God" there is science behind this god.

On the Diverse and Categories
The Diverse breaks out of categories. If the Diverse were “God”, it would be a god that breaks out of its own categories ceaselessly. This “God” would keep evolving and differentiating past categories and definitions. This kind of “God” we would believe in. This would be its quintessential property, and this is why we call this phenomenon the “Diverse”, it is a more precise term.

Though conventional “God” is supposedly the biggest category of all, the category of all categories, the Diverse would break through even this category. The Diverse is an infinite category growing infinitely through differentiation and creativity. Thus, our understanding of the Diverse will continue to grow, and no dogma about the Diverse can last long. “God” is in ceaseless evolution creating new things and more diversity day by day.

On the Diverse Mystery
The Diverse cannot be predicted, it will remain a great mystery. Certainly through science we will learn more and more about the Diverse, it will become a receding mystery, but in the end we can never know all its past, all of its present features, and certainly not its future for it will be in constant evolution. The Diverse has presented us a great boxed mystery, we pull iconic strings and liturgical things and open up creation, we find an infinity of gifts given us, and yet as we dig deeper into the box, we find an unending mystery, the bottomless box of creation. We see the awe with wonder eyes and we know our size, we know the proportion of the Human and thus we know our purpose and task.

On Names
You may call us atheists or deists or theists, monotheists or polytheists; it doesn’t matter to a Diverse thinker. These are words and the Diverse breaks through all these words and concepts, for it is something far bigger, something in constant motion, something that cannot be trapped in old concepts. So if the Diverse cannot be contained by words, then why should we?

On Nouns and Verbs
A Diverse mind asks. “Is the Diverse a noun or a verb?” If the Diverse is a noun, it is person, place or thing; if the Diverse is a verb, it is a force, change, an action, a process or an operation. The Diverse spirit prefers to see the Diverse as a verb. Differentiation and Genio are the verbs of our cosmos.
A Diverse thinker thinks in terms of a verb, action or process so that thoughts and spoken sentences reflect this. A Diverse intelligence is the self-conscious verb of the cosmos. If the Diverse is the greatest proper noun, then it is also the greatest “proper verb”.

On the Six Days of Diverse Genesis
We speak complete sentences that go “subject-verb-object”, so we have a natural tendency to think “God” is a “subject” acting on the world. But this is a grammatical error of a sort, for the Diverse is the verb. This verb acts on the object (the objective world) and it becomes a verb too, differentiating and
creating. Next the subject (realm of mind) evolves from the object, and it too becomes a verb, differentiating and creating. Thus, object becomes a verb and subject becomes a verb. This is, in a sense, a “holy sentence”, verb becoming object, object becoming subject, and then subject becoming verb.

Thus, the six days of Diverse genesis are:
• First: the original differentiation, it precedes all
• Second: then the force of differentiation acting on the object, the cosmos is created from a fused whole
• Third: then the object differentiating or splitting into object (Nature) and subject (Human)
• Fourth: then differentiation acting on the subject/Human producing individuality, difference, creativity in the Human
• Fifth: then the subject/Human becomes a verb, differentiating and creating, acting now like the object (Nature), acting on other Humans and on the world
• Six: finally, the subject/Human makes a leap to self awareness, and returns to the original verb state of the cosmos, and is, one and the same, with the cosmos, for it understands the Diverse. Object, subject and verb are all the same now in the eternal sentence.

On Two Kinds of Wholes
The fused whole is a prior state of the cosmos, the potential state, when the many exist, but are not yet elaborated. The differentiated whole is our current state when elaboration is in full swing. The prior state may be called the “Subsume”. 

In the Subsume the whole Diverse exists in potential. The many is manifested in a potential state. This includes matter and energy, suns and planets, life and the inorganic, biological evolution and diversity, the life cycle of galaxies, and including Human differentiation and culture, individuality and creativity, abstraction and points of view. All this lies in potential in the Subsume, all this elaborates from the Subsume step by step in a train of differentiation that is endless in time and endless in complexity.

How is it that all this can be mixed together in the beginning? We do not know but that fact is that it must have been. All potential things existed in the beginning. We find often that there is an “absolute” quality to things such as morality or mathematics or art, when they are created it seems that they are timeless, that they may have existed for all time. In the Subsume they have. How can this be? We do not know why, for this is a great fact without persuasion, a great reality without argument, a great truth without any claims. All potential lies in the beginning and nothing lies outside of it. And the potential is infinite giving birth to infinite evolution and an infinity of new things.

The Subsume is the prior state, but we do not know what may be the origin state, if there was one, that is up for debate. It may be that the cosmos has gone through many great cycles of differentiation and amalgamation. The cycles may be infinite, we do not know. The cycles may be growing in intensity, we do not know.

On the Infinite Collection
The Diverse is not a one, it is many, and it has no center or headquarters or “essence”. We use the singular term “Diverse” to indicate this manifold phenomenon. Sometimes we can fool ourselves into thinking the Diverse is one thing or substance or essence, but in the end we realize that the singularity is in the single word itself, the “Diverse”. The Diverse is shorthand for an infinity of many. All things are related and yet different, in a whole and yet separate parts. Why is it this way? We do not know, but it is the great fact of our existence.

The Diverse is an infinite collection of which you are one part; it is all around you. And the Diverse is within you, for inside you is an infinite collection too, you are a Diverse too.

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