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On the Meaning of the Diverse


On the Meaning of the Diverse

All existence IS the Diverse, inner and outer, cosmos and Humankind, abstract and material, emotional and rational, past and future.

The Diverse is an infinite plurality, an expanding manifold, a “many” that continuously divides into more many. The Diverse is diverse in space, expressed as endless forms and things, moving in infinite space; and diverse in time, expressed as ongoing evolution, and also the simultaneous existence of one phenomenon at different stages of development.

The Diverse begins as a spectrum of phenomena between space and time, as a range of matter and energy, of things between structure and motion, between field and void, between flow and the static, between something and nothing, between mass and massless, between connection and disconnection, between positive and negative. The Diverse creates a great range of energy, field and matter and even dark matter. Differentiation of these forms produces individuality and particularity of phenomenon; and unending combinations of forms and nonstop evolution of them.

The Diverse unfolds the cosmos; it creates and elaborates life and great ecologies; it develops the manifold sciences and their laws; sciences themselves begin in a first stage where they develop common themes for a phenomenon, and then evolve to a higher stage that recognizes difference, parts, individuality and change. Matter takes dictation for all duration, it keeps transcripts of the Diverse, we see eternity compressed, evolution confessed. The record of the Diverse is saved for us; science discovers it.

The Diverse spins out a procession of Human cultures, an infinity of Human individualism, and the endless evolution of point of view.

The Diverse differentiates and this differentiation differentiates on and on and on. This is its essence. From this process comes difference, detail, parts, individuality, change, complexity, particularity, conflict, duality, the new, evolution, chaos, splitting, the creative, inner and outer, variety, range, simultaneity, non-hierarchy, the indeterminate, the vague, the inefficient, the wandering, the unstable, the flexible, the non-uniform, the independent and so much more.

 This is an unstoppable power and force of the cosmos. In differentiation IS time, evolution, life and energy.

This drive of differentiation is primary, though organization and stability is an important feature of the cosmos, it is secondary; and it plays catch up to the fundamental power of change and difference, and it can never control or contain change and difference.

But though the cosmos is diverse and Human beings are naturally diverse by nature, that does not mean certain Human beings or whole cultures will automatically grasp the diverse nature of the Diverse. We may be the result of a very long and complex diverse evolution but that does not mean that we automatically have a diverse outlook. Sadly enough, many people do not accept the diversity of the Diverse, they oppose Nature, and they oppose the diversity within themselves and within others. They build up "civilizations" against the Diverse. Humans have choice and they may choose to suppress their diverse natures, and cage their natures with restrictive structures, but in the end the Diverse will be free, and break through all cages material or ethereal.

On the Diverse Human
The Human race has been differentiating from the time of the very first Human. The Diverse is inborn in all of us. Through wrong perceptions and wrong emotions we can be confused about our true reality. Great energies have been applied against individualism, difference, freedom and creativity. And great efforts have been aimed against the complexity and wealth that reside in all of us. But, finally, the true individual appears in history. And at the top our lungs we shout, "I am an Individual!” And no longer do we care what the stars say of us.

Whole civilizations have been concocted to suppress our inner Diverse. But they have fallen or will fall because our basic physiology and psychology cannot be eradicated or suppressed forever.

We are now at the stage of our history and evolution where self consciousness of our diverse natures is appearing. At the end of the age of suffering, when anti-diverse principles are clearly failing, the self-conscious Diverse appears in the mind and heart of Humankind.

What is the point of history? What is the great mystery? It is the Diverse, now we know…

Cage Innoye

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