Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On Original Ignorance and Original Potential and Original Intervention

On Original Ignorance and Original Potential

We are imperfect, we accept that. We live with our flaws, we accept those in others, and we work toward being better people. We know perfection is not possible, but although we are imperfect, we find that we can practice Diverse thought and Genio, we can be good individuals and do good overall; and, over time, the Human race can become better overall. And this is all done without immaculate saints or semi-divine beings. Our tramping, jumbled race can and has evolved.

How do we look at this complicated and seeming contradictory process? The initial state of our race is in ignorance -- ignorance of facts, information, concepts, laws and rules, proper behavior, managing a healthy psychology, personal ethics and social ethics.

We come into the world with an “original ignorance”, but, at the same time, the potential exists to know truth and develop methods to practice the truth. We can evolve through our flaws, despite our flaws. We can never be perfect, we know this, and we struggle through a lifetime of growth, and, very importantly, we pass on knowledge to others and this creates a more enlightened Humanity. Our very flaws drive us to change, to realize our potentials as best we can. And ironically without them, we would not be driven to evolve -- it is imperfection that is the power of our evolution, not perfection.

At the same time our flaws relax us, and allow us to accept our anomalies and quirks, we become more comfortable with ourselves. The edge is taken off our “quests” making us less obsessive. Our imperfections are not badges, but loveable peculiarities and weaknesses. And, in any case, there are limits to fixing flaws because there is much to do in the world -- helping others.

And helping others does NOT require perfection on our part. Good people are the “gracious imperfects”, we are not perfect but we CAN help others, and thus, we MUST help others. This then is the “duality of imperfection” -- it drives us to be perfect and, at the same time, makes us accept certain imperfections. It says though we are imperfect, we can still help others and perfect the social world!

All of this stems from original ignorance. What are the mechanics of this? Born within you is not only ignorance but potential, an “original potential”. And this potential is awakened and activated through a process. First, a contradiction is created within yourself; part of it comes from within you, the ignorance vs. the potential, but part is without you, in the world.

On Original Intervention
Another Human being or a group of Human beings begins to nurture and teach you through stages many things -- conduct, morals, ideas, rituals, self management and so on. The exterior force begins elaborating, actualizing your potential; and it must, for your potential cannot blossom without external intervention. A pole of “good” and “right’ is planted in your soul, a great contradiction is created within you of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, beautiful vs. ugly. This is the work of parents, teachers, mentors and community, to create a war within, to create anguish and conflict. At some point the pole will come to self consciousness, to self realization and the individual will try to grow in a deliberate way. In the long run, a person makes its way to its social task of planting an embryo in another, creating another inner conflict which leads to realization and then evolution, beginning the cycle again. This is the process of “original intervention”. It is the second birth, the birth of consciousness, years after the physical birth of a numb mass. But it is truly your first birth -- it is not a resurrection, it is your first spiritual nativity, and you will need no other, for it is a continuing birth of knowledge and skill, in this sense, a continuing, serial, sequential resurrection to higher and higher levels.

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