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Self Determination and Diverse Philosophy

Self Determination and Diverse Philosophy

Self determination is an important idea in personal and social life. And it is an important idea in Diverse Philosophy.

In Diverse Philosophy, the world is seen as a vast collection of individuals, points of view, social groups and cultures.

Self determination applies to individual behavior, it stands for the free behavior of the individual not impeded by politicians, economics, marketing-consumerism, bad entertainment and so on. Self determination of the individual, of course, requires certain conditions to be successful – good health, self knowledge, mental balance, a sense of personal identity, a moral compass, a learning of the skills of individuality.

Self determination applies to government. Self determination in a democracy results in a Direct Democracy.  Here the determination of legislation and policy is done by the citizens, by millions of individuals. It is not done by self serving politicians who do not want your self determination but their determination and that of lobbyists and corporate money. Self determination in the political sphere results in the high use of referendums and instant recall. It requires citizen involvement, citizen study and citizen debate. Self determination is at odds with old "representative democracy" where the representatives represented themselves.

Self determination in economics means personal power in an economy. It means the power to create metrics that measure the performance of a company and its products so that one can determine what to buy and where to invest. It also means an economy of democratic equity run by coops and democratic corporations, and the elimination of control by the 1%. Further it means that corporations pay their fair share of taxes to support the national well being.

Self determination for the disabled means the ability to be independent and equal.

Self determination for women means control over their bodies, equality and living life and career by their values and not by the dominant values of present male culture.

Self determination for minorities means the determination of their future by their independent actions. Self determination might mean forming their own parties after watching the failure of the Democrats for 50 years. And voting for Democrats in larger elections only if an acceptable programme for minorities and the poor is offered and fought for.

Self determination applies to many other social groups and subcultures.

Self determination is about freedom, it is about the liberation of individuals and the liberation of social groups.

Self determination is related to concepts such as directness, empiric, differentiation, self identity, individuality.

Self determination is not 'anarchy'. It is not extreme individualism either. It does not mean selfishness nor self absorption. It does not deny sociality nor the golden rule nor general empathy. It does not deny government nor a social whole. It is not sectarian nor elitist.

One can self determine and be aware of the needs of others, grasp the necessity of government and its services, appreciate the concept of a whole that includes many people and institutions.

Self determination is about how will I determine my future in this environment, in the whole community, within the nation. It is a concept that expresses self interest and cooperation as well.

Presently in this world there is not enough self determination and too much system determination, too much elite determination, too much economic determination.

Self determination is a right, and the only right way to live in a complex society. And today it is needed more than ever.

Cage Innoye

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